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With Guardian’s Group Dental PPO Insurance, you and your broker can configure a plan with features that best meet your needs. Our dental PPO is available to companies of any size — starting at just 2 employees — whether benefits are employer-paid or voluntary. Options range from value-based plan designs with lower premiums, to higher-premium plans that offer maximum choice and the most ...

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Delta Dental member companies serve over one-quarter of the estimated 173 million Americans with dental insurance, providing national dental coverage to over 54 million people in over 89,000 groups. Delta Dental Premier offers a network of dentists that encompasses more than 128,000 dentists and over 198,000 office locations -- the largest network in the country.

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DENTAL & VISION INSURANCE. Comprehensive coverage at affordable rates. Confidence starts with a great smile. We work with MetLife to offer comprehensive dental coverage at affordable rates to individuals and their families. Choose from two PPO dental plans: one comes with the freedom to visit any licensed dentist, and the other allows you to save by visiting one of the thousands of ...

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See if any of our dental insurance plans are right for you. A UnitedHealthcare dental plan can provide the dental care you and your family need.

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Healthplex is one of the largest dental insurance providers in the state of NY. Healthplex has Dental Insurance and Dental Discount plans for Individuals and Groups of all sizes. We also have a Dental Discount Implant Program for our existing dental insurance customers.

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31.01.2020 · Dental Preventive Plus is a dental PPO insurance plan that includes two visits to the dentist each year for dental exams and cleanings, and no copays.

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Unum Dental Insurance plans can help you, your spouse and dependents reduce out-of-pocket expenses for routine dental exams and advanced procedures. Learn more about coverage details, how Dental Insurance works, file a claim or log in to your existing account.

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A healthy smile could mean better health. That’s why it’s good to know you have access to the Preferred Dentist Program — a dental preferred provider organization (Dental PPO) plan. With the plan, you can go to any licensed dentist, in or out of the network. The goal is to help you and your family stay on top of your oral health while lowering your costs and getting service you can count on.

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The PPO dental plan offers excellent benefits and large network options for your employees.

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Group dental insurance can help you maximize your oral health and minimize out-of-pocket costs for routine dental check-ups, expensive procedures and most things in between. 1 SHARE PPO Plans

Which Dental Insurance Is the Best?

Finding the best dental insurance can mean the difference between paying thousands of dollars out of pocket or getting a lot of your treatment covered. The best dental coverage depends on the type of treatment being offered. The following a...

10 Facts About Dental Insurance

People are often excited when they receive dental insurance from their jobs. They're excited, that is, until they realize that dental insurance is not like medical insurance. Check out these interesting facts about dental insurance.

Comparison of Dental Insurance Plans

The high cost of dental care across the country can be downright mind-boggling. True, the costs you incur on dental care will depend on where you live, but many consumers would concur that costs are too high. Further compounding the hit to ...

Dental Insurance Plans at a Glance

With cleanings twice a year, X-rays and other routine care, dental costs can add up in a year — and that's before adding the cost of possible emergency care. Dental insurance is a good way to bring your out-of-pocket costs down so you can a...

How to Find the Best Dental Insurance Plan for Your Budget

Having healthy teeth and good oral health is extremely important. After all, no one likes the pain of a toothache or not being able to eat certain foods and/or drinks due to teeth sensitivity. Our oral health can also affect us in other way...

How To Get Your First Health Insurance: All You Need To Know About It

Buying health insurance for the first time seems confusing at first. You are presented with so many insurance options that you are unsure which is best. In reality, getting your first health insurance plan does not have to be daunting. You ...

How to Find Free Dental Care

Because dental care is costly, many Americans may find themselves neglecting the work they need to have done. It's unfortunate because when this work isn't completed, it could result in pain, suffering and tooth loss. There are solutions. T...

Basic Insurance Plans You Should Have

You know you need insurance, but how much? What types are critical? You want to be protected but you don’t want to pay for superfluous or redundant coverage. Yes, the old insurance question. Everyone hates it until you need it. Then you app...

6 Types of Dental Procedures

It is extremely important to start practicing healthy dental habits at a young age as they can save you valuable time, money and energy in the future. If you are currently suffering from tooth pain, the pain may actually be caused by a buil...

Differences Between an HMO and a PPO

You're faced with choosing a PPO or HMO within your health insurance plan. Learn what is an HMO versus a PPO, the differences and pros and cons of each to know which one is right for your needs.