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PG&E Outage: 800,000 California customers will be without power

by ABC7 News Bay Area
PG&E has confirmed that it will shut off power to nearly 800000 customers across Northern and Central California starting just after midnight. If you're wondering ...

Lafayette Residents Brace For Possible Power Shutdown

by KPIX CBS SF Bay Area
Team coverage of Contra Costa preparing for PG&E power shutdown and details on how widespread the outages could be (10-8-2019)

Preparing for potential PG&E power outages

by Action News Now
It is now wildfire season in Butte County and PG&E may cut power ahead of high fire danger.

🔴 Power Outage - Preparing with Off-Grid Solar - PG&E Public Safety Shutoff

by Peter Carcione
In the wake of last year's wildfires, Northern California is getting hit with preemptive Power Outages. How times have changed. Here is how you can be ready ...

Watch the video of the PG&E power shutdown presentation

by shaker
Watch video of the PG&E power shutdown presentation.

California Going Dark: PG&E Cutting Power to 2.7 Million People - Prepare Now (Yesterday)

by Ice Age Farmer
As PG&E cuts power to 2.7 million people for 3-5 days in a second Public Safety Public Shutdown, their website breaks under the load of 800000 homes ...

Business Owners Blast PG&E Over Precautionary Power Shutdown

by KPIX CBS SF Bay Area
Joe Vazquez reports on some North Bay business owners saying PG&E overreacted with fire-danger power outage (10-15-2018)

16. Q&A PG&E Clearing Vegetation Under Power Lines ·Public Safety Power Shutdown Presentation

by Sam Euston
Public Safety Power Shutdown Presentation · Sat. 6/22/19 · Middletown Fire Station Entire video is available at: Sponsored by: ...

PG&E May Shut Off Power for Thousands in California May Amid Fire Fears

by Bloomberg TicToc
Residents in California preparing for power shut-offs that could affect more than 700000 customers are lining up at gas stations to fill their cars and buying ...

PG&E Power Shutdown = Wrong Approach

by Senator Ted Gaines

Pre Emptive Power Shutdown??? Something Sinister??? October 8th 2019 4:00 pm

by To Those Who Will Listen

PG&E Mulls Power Cuts in Northern California Over Fire Danger

by Bloomberg TicToc
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has cut power to about 12000 customers in parts of Northern California because of potential fire danger. Butte County is where a ...

PG&E's Fire Prevention Plan Could Cut Power In Cities Far From Fire Zones

by KPIX CBS SF Bay Area
PG&E's new plan to prevent wildfires involves turning off power to high-voltage transmission lines during extreme fire conditions. That could mean lights out for ...

PG&E To Cut Power To Customers

by CBS Sacramento
Due to the extreme weather forecast, PG&E announced Friday evening that it will begin proactively turning off the power early Saturday morning to portions of ...

Public Safety Power Shutdown Presentation by PG&E · Sat. 6/22/19 · Middletown Fire Station

by Sam Euston
Public Safety Power Shutdown Presentation by PG&E · Sat. 6/22/19 · Middletown Fire Station Sponsored by: Hidden Valley Lake Association South Lake County ...

PG&E crews inspecting lines, working to restore power after shutoffs

by ABC10
Crews with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) company are inspecting thousands of miles of power lines following the second Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) in ...

PG&E power outages possible amid elevated fire risk

by KCRA News
Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has issued a potential Public Safety Power Shutoff for six counties in the Sierra foothills Monday night because of weather ...

5 Day PG&E Power Shut-Down

by Demitra Douglas
Is it just my area? Let me know guys!

Precautionary PG&E Power Outage Stretches Into Second Evening

by KPIX CBS SF Bay Area
Team coverage of continuing precautionary PG&E power outage affecting thousands of North Bay residents (10-15-2018)


by Whack-a-Doodle News
Is it possible that Oroville and surrounding areas will go dark tonight at 9pm? That is what we are hearing right now. There are other areas that could be affected ...

BREAKING!! California Residents could lose power up to 5 days straight during Wind & Fire Seaons!!

by ZGoldenReport
One of its largest power providers, bankrupt PG&E, has proposed what officials call a precautionary plan to cut power to millions of residents on windy days ...

Why Tunnel Closures For PG&E Power Off ? + Congress Refuses Impeach

by JW Tv
ShareThisVideo 2019 Subcribe Share, Comment Pg&e tunnel shutdown: ...

PG&E Crews Restore Power In Areas Of Sonoma County Affected By Shutdown

by KPIX CBS SF Bay Area
Wilson Walker reports on some 1400 customers having power restored after safety shutdown (9-25-2019)

California Town Condemns PG&E for Voluntary Power Shut Off, Plans For Round Two

by CBS Sacramento
With high winds expected to return to the Sierra Foothills next week, the town of Placerville is worried the weather could fuel another voluntary PG&E power ...

21. Wrap Up & Closing ·Public Safety Power Shutdown Presentation by PG&E·Sat.6/22/19

by Sam Euston
Public Safety Power Shutdown Presentation · Sat. 6/22/19 · Middletown Fire Station Entire video is available at: Sponsored by: ...

P G and E Preemptive Power Shut Down...October 8th 2019 4:39 pm

by To Those Who Will Listen
Please comment if you have info or live in affected area....please be safe and alert...

PG&E cut power to 16,000 customers

by Newsy
The shut-offs are part of new guidelines created for when fire conditions seem likely. Learn more about this story at Find more ...

PG&E makes clear that customers' power will be shutoff to prevent fires | Daily Blend

by ABC10
PG&E is going on the record making it clear all of us should be ready to have our power cut off in an attempt to prevent wildfires. Watch #MorningBlend10 ...

El Dorado County residents frustrated by PG&E power shutdown

by ABC10
"We got very little warning for it and I'm glad there are safety precautions in place, but it's definitely affecting daily life."

PG&E Shuts Off Power in NorCal: High Fire Risk

by Real Newsforever
PG&E has shut electricity off in the Sierra foothills counties of Placer, El Dorado and Amador. Parts of Lake, Napa and Sonoma are also shut down due to high ...

PG&E power shutdown: Californians facing days of outages - CNN
3 hours ago ... Two California utilities said they may cut power to more than 900000 customers for days starting after midnight Wednesday morning because of ...

Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) -
If extreme fire danger conditions are predicted in any part of PG&E's service area ... to you in advance of a public safety power outage, when and where possible.

Planned Service Interuptions -
Understand when and why PG&E needs to temporarily interrupt power to perform ... The outage map shows outages by city, county or zip code with the following ...

PG&E power shutdown: How to get ready ahead of possible outage
10 hours ago ... PG&E prepared to possibly cut service to hundreds of thousands of customers to reduce the risk of fires sparking due to live downed power ...

LIST: Counties, cities affected by PG&E power outage in Bay Area ...
5 hours ago ... PG&E has confirmed that it will shut off power to nearly 800000 customers across Northern and Central California starting just after midnight.

PG&E power shut-offs: Here's what you need to know - SFChronicle ...
11 hours ago ... A PG&E helicopter flies 300 feet above inspecting power lines, as the company performs a public ... How should I prepare for a power outage?

PG&E confirms power will shut off to 800,000 customers statewide ...
5 hours ago ... PG&E crews remove power lines damaged by fire off Bille Road in Paradise, Calif. 800,000 customers will be in the dark starting tonight.

Public Safety Power Shutoff – What You Can Do to Prepare
This is a Public Safety Power Shutoff. ... Sign Up for wildfire alerts at PGE ... or dialysis, it is critical that you have a plan in place for an extended power outage.

Outage Map - Outages | PGE
Outages are summarized by zip code where more than 5 customers are without power. If there are multiple outages in one zip code, this summary will report the ...