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Mary Golda Ross (August 9, 1908 – April 29, 2008) was the first known Native American female engineer, and the first female engineer in the history of Lockheed. She was one of the 40 founding engineers of the renowned and highly secretive Skunk Works project at Lockheed Corporation.

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09.08.2018 · Today’s Doodle celebrates the 110th birthday of Mary G. Ross, the first American Indian female engineer, whose major contributions to the aerospace industry include the development of …

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By Mary Ouimette-Kinney. Mary G. Ross, the first Native American female engineer, graduated from Northeastern State College (now Northeastern University), in 1928, with a degree in mathematics.

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Today’s Doodle celebrates Mary G. Ross, first Native American female engineer who made major contributions to aerospace industry

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09.08.2018 · Mary G. Ross, the first American Indian female engineer, and a highly regarded pioneer in her industry, is the subject of a Google Doodle honoring her 110th birthday.

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09.08.2018 · Mary G. Ross Biography. After retiring in 1973, Ross lived in Los Altos, California, and concentrated on recruiting young women and Native American youth into engineering careers.

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American engineer Mary G. Ross (born 1908) made notable contributions in aerospace technology, particularly in areas related to space flight and ballistic missiles.