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Lil BUB's Thanksgiving Feast!

by Lil BUB
Happy Thanksgiving! This year, BUB is celebrating with her friends by making a delicious Thanksgiving dinner made with Halo Cat food only available from ...

Remembering LIL BUB, an Internet Cat Sensation

by The Humane Society of the United States
Update: Unfortunately on Sunday, December 1st 2019 Bub passed away from health complications. RIP Bub and thank you for all you have done for homeless ...

Lil BUB's 8th Birthday Cake!

by Lil BUB
Today is BUB's 8th Birthday! What better way to celebrate than by making a "cake" out of her favorite Halo food, and sharing it with the kitties at the Bloomington ...

Meet Lil' Bub, internet cat sensation, June 2011-Dec 2019

by WZDX News
Internet cat celebrity Lil Bub has died, according to her owner Mike Bridavsky. Lil Bub's "dude" posted tribute to the lovable cat on her official Instagram account.

The BEST of BUB - From Kittenhood 'til Now

by Lil BUB
In the spirit of all the "Best Of" lists celebrating the past year before the New Year, here's a carefully curated selection of the very BEST OF BUB since I rescued ...

Lil BUB's Bathing Rituals

by Lil BUB
For a number of reasons, BUB needs baths, regularly. CBDmd's CBD Oil has helped with this arduous task, as you can see in this amazing video. You can try ...

Lil BUB's Magical Yule LOG Video

by Lil BUB
BUB loves being warm, especially his time of the year. In this amazing hour-long episode, BUB settles into a comfortable bout of fireside napping and purring.

LILB.U.B. - FreeDaBitch Music Video Dir 559Filmz

instagram:BUBWORLD___ Snapchat:BUBIOworld Facebook:PAYLILBUB.

BUB Screams for FOOD

by Lil BUB
BUB loves to eat. More than anything in the world. For people wondering about her cheek - she has a bone infection that she has been battling for over two ...

Cat's Unique Look Makes Her One In A Trillion - LIL BUB | The Dodo

by The Dodo
Cat's Unique Look Makes Her One In A Trillion | This cat looks like she's from outer space —and her dad has the cutest way of explaining her appearance.

Lil BUB's Gratuitous Eating

by Lil BUB
Some people wonder why BUB's bowl is so dirty. Warning: may not be suitable for sensitive stomachs (because of cuteness AND graphic content).

Lil BUB Will Travel for FOOD

by Lil BUB
Despite her bone condition, BUB still gets around like a champ. She's not as graceful as most cats, but she's a hell of a lot more determined.

Grumpy Cat, meet Lil Bub; Lil Bub, meet Grumpy Cat

by CBS Sunday Morning
There are millions of cat videos on the Internet, so why not a festival celebrating the very best of them? Bill Geist visited the Internet Cat Video Festival in ...


by Lil BUB
Welcome to the very first episode of Lil BUB's Big SHOW, with special guest Whoopi Goldberg. Spread the BUB LUB using hashtag #friendsofBUB Today is ...

Get REALLY Close to Lil BUB

by Lil BUB
pure magic

How to BATHE a BUB

by Lil BUB
Between all the food she gets all over her face, neck and chest, and the fact that she often stumbles into her own turds, it is crucial that you bathe your BUB at ...


by Lil BUB
BUB MEETS TIGERS We took a trip to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, IN to take some photos and video footage for Greenpeace's campaign to ...

Lil Bub, die legendäre Katze - Tracks ARTE

by Arte TRACKS Diese LOLcat ist bekannter als Lassie, Flipper und Willy zusammen. Dank der Hilfe ihres ...

BUB Wakes Up for Yogurt

by Lil BUB
BUB emerges from a deep sleep to get down with some yogurt.

LILB.U.B. ft. Pookey - Strictly Family

instagram:@ bubworld___ instagram: @P0okey.

Lil BUB's Very Cozy Yule Log Video 2018

by Lil BUB
A lil gift from Lil BUB that your entire family can enjoy this holiday and all winter long... BUB's brand new 2018 Yule Log Video!

BUB gets TRICKED on Halloween by TEEKL on NATIONAL CAT DAY?!

by Lil BUB
For National Cat Day BUB has made everything 15% off in the BUB STORE - (with code CATDAY2019) PLUS you get a free can of Halo ...

Lil BUB's Magical Yule LOG Video 2016

by Lil BUB
The most magical time of year is here, and so is Lil BUB's 4th Annual Yule Log Video. BUB's had a lot of amazing Yule Log videos, but this one just might be the ...


by Lil BUB
Nothing stands in the way of BUB and her food. BUB's appetite is a metaphor for her resilience and determination. At just under 4 pounds, she eats enough food ...

Robbie Amell Calls Lil BUB, Nala, Waffles, Pudge, Hamilton, Henri Le Chat Noir and YOU // Omaze

by Omaze
Robbie Amell needs a plus one to the premiere of Nine Lives, and he wants it to be you. Full disclosure: you weren't the first choice. See Robbie's potential dates ...

The Story of BUB's Miraculous Recovery as She RACES UP THE STAIRS

by Lil BUB
This video reviews BUB's miraculous and unbelievable recovery from immobility in the past two years. We were told that her quality of life and mobility would ...

Lil BUB & Friends - 2013 - Feature Length Documentary

by Lil BUB Lil BUB & Friendz is an award-winning documentary about BUB's unexpected climb to fame, and the popularity of cats on the ...


by Lil BUB
We've done quite a few BUB BATHING VIDEOS. But this one might be the best. There's nothing quite as soft and magical as a freshly bathed BUB.

Clean, Cuddle and Crash with Lil BUB

by Lil BUB
I get to come home to BUB every day, and this is what it's like: Clean, Cuddle, Crash.

Lil BUB and the Assisi Loop

by Lil BUB
Over the past 5 years, the Assisi Loop has helped Lil BUB regain her mobility and become pain-free. Visit to see if it can ...

Lil Bub – Wikipedia
Lil Bub (* 21. Juni 2011; † 1. Dezember 2019) war eine weibliche Katze, die durch ihr auffälliges äußeres Erscheinungsbild Bekanntheit erlangte. Ihr Besitzer  ...

Lil BUB - YouTube
This is the offical Lil BUB channel. There is only one BUB. BUB has many unique characteristics that make her a very special one of a kind critter. Please un...

BUB is a very special one of a kind critter. More specifically, she is the most amazing cat on the planet.

Internet celebrity cat Lil Bub has died - The Verge
4 hours ago ... Lil Bub, the internet celebrity cat who brought joy to millions of fans, has died. Her owner, Mike Bridavsky, announced her death on social ...

Lil Bub - Startseite | Facebook
Lil Bub, Bloomington. Gefällt 3 Mio. Mal.

Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos
2.3 Mio. Abonnenten, 385 folgen, 2698 Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und - Videos von Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) an.

Lil Bub, Famous Internet Cat, Dead at 8 | Pitchfork
6 hours ago ... Internet-famous cat Lil Bub has died, as BrooklynVegan notes. “On the morning of Sunday, December 1 2019 we lost the purest, kindest, and ...

Genom von Lil BUB entschlüsselt | Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
4. März 2019 ... Ihr Aussehen hat Lil BUB im Internet Millionen Follower beschert. Jetzt berichten zwei Molekularbiologen aus Deutschland und eine ...

Liebenswerte Mutation: Lil Bub hat zwei Gen-Defekte -
5. März 2019 ... Neben Grumpy Cat ist auch Lil Bub ein Katzenstar im Netz. Die zahnlose getigerte Mieze, die mehr Zehen hat als ihre Artgenossen, fasziniert ...