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Extreme 4K Video of Category 5 Hurricane Michael

by Tornado Trackers
Video taken in the western eyewall of Cat 5 Hurricane Michael as it slammed Panama City Beach with extreme wind. We positioned ourselves safely in a ...

October 10, 2018 - Hurricane Michael - Callaway, Florida

by smart451cab
Callaway is across the Bay from Tyndall Air Force Base. We were in the western eye for about 22 minutes. This is not a storm chaser video, it's a homeowner ...

Category 5 Hurricane Michael - Mexico Beach, FL 15th Street & Steve's Lane - Full Stock Video

by StormChasingVideo
Hurricane Michael - Mexico Beach, FL filmed around 15th Street & Steve's Lane as the most powerful part of the storm and storm surge of the Category 5 ...

The RAW POWER of Hurricane Michael in Panama City: Sound & visuals in 4K

by Dan Robinson
Turn up your speakers for this extended footage of Category 5 Hurricane Michael's eyewall roaring through downtown Panama City, Florida capturing the sight ...

Hurricane Michael makes landfall with 155 mph winds

by CNN
Hurricane Michael has officially made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida, as a powerful, high-end Category 4 storm, the National Hurricane Center announced.

Inside Hurricane Michael as it made landfall

by ABC News
ABC News' Ginger Zee reports from Mexico Beach, Florida, where storm surge wiped away a home. How to help those affected by Hurricane Michael: ...

INSANE VIDEO FROM HURRICANE MICHAEL'S EYEWALL! 155MPH WINDS Flying debris nearly hit storm chasers!

by Bart Comstock
Buildings flying into the street, roofs flying past storm chasers, debris turned into deadly airborne missiles, Hurricane Michael showed no chill as it came ashore ...

Hurricane Michael’s toll on Florida children’s mental health

by PBS NewsHour
The people in Florida's panhandle are still grappling with the devastation from last October's Hurricane Michael. The most powerful storm to hit the region in ...

10/10/18 Cat 5 Hurricane Michael: INSIDE THE EYE!!!

by BasehuntersChasing
Intercepted the center of the eye of Hurricane Michael. Unreal experience! This is GoPro footage.

The People Living In Tent Cities After Hurricane Michael Feel Abandoned By Trump (HBO)

by VICE News
After hurricane Michael, thousands of people were displaced and to this day, unable to return to their homes. A woman has turned her home into a tent city ...

Hurricane MICHAEL Blasts the Florida Panhandle

by iCyclone
iCyclone's Hurricane Michael Chase: Intense footage from the violent inner core and eye of Category-5 Michael at ground zero: Callaway, Florida. This storm will ...

Hurricane Michael pounds Florida

by Guardian News
With 155mph winds at landfall, Hurricane Michael is the strongest storm to hit the continental US since Hurricane Andrew devastated south Florida in 1992.

Category 5 Hurricane Michael, Stock Footage Master from Panama City - 10/10/2018

by StormChasingVideo
Full stock of landfall of hurricane Michael in and around east side of Panama City / Springfield and Tyndall AFB on Oct 10... Shot Description 1). Commentary ...

Evacuating Our Home | Hurricane Michael | Teen Mom Vlog

by Cam&Fam
In this teen mom vlog, we evacuate our home due to hurricane michael. It was hard leaving it all behind but it's what needed to happen. Thank you to everyone ...

Category 5 Hurricane Michael Far Western Mexico Beach, FL Eye Wall - 10/10/2018

by StormChasingVideo
Hurricane Michael, Mexico Beach, FL 10/10/2018, Extreme Hurricane Eye Wall With Peak Winds And Storm Surge Footage Catalog Master full length archive ...

Cat 5 Hurricane Michael in Panama City Beach and Mexico Beach, Florida - October 10, 2018

by Miscelánea Noticias
Miscelánea Noticias Category 5 Hurricane Michael in Panama City Beach, Mexico Beach, Okaloosa Island and Apalachicola Florida - October 10, 2018.

Hurricane Michael leaves destruction, thousands without power in its wake

by ABC News
The historic Category 4 storm, struck the Florida Panhandle early Wednesday afternoon, unleashing heavy rain, high winds and a devastating storm surge.

ABC News Hurricane Michael live coverage: landfall with 155 mph winds in Florida panhandle

by ABC News
Hurricane Michael, a potentially catastrophic Category 4 storm, made landfall in the Florida Panhandle Wednesday afternoon, bringing a life-threatening storm ...

Hurricane Michael: FBN’s Jeff Flock battles Category 4 storm winds

by Fox Business
FOX Business' Jeff Flock reports from Panama City Beach, Florida, as Hurricane Michael barrels into the Florida coast with Category 4 storm winds, the strongest ...

10-Year-Old Reunites With Mom After Disappearing During Hurricane Michael

by Inside Edition
A Florida mother's desperate search for her 10-year-old son ended with an emotional reunion. Eli Pugh's mom hadn't heard from her son since before Hurricane ...

Six months after Hurricane Michael, people are still living in tents

by CBS This Morning
Nearly six months after Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida panhandle, many people living there are still trying to put their lives back together.

Live: Hurricane Michael Cat. 4 Tracking | The Weather Channel 24/24

by GnourT
Live: Hurricane Michael Cat. 4 Tracking | The Weather Channel 24/24.

Hurricane Michael - Category 5 Winds at Landfall

by Tornado Alley Video
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'It's like the end of the world': Hurricane Michael leaves a town in ruins

by Washington Post
Mexico Beach, Fla. was destroyed by Hurricane Michael on Oct. 10. Now, this small, tight-knit community wonders what comes next. Subscribe to The ...

INTENSE eye wall of Hurricane Michael

by Reed Timmer
Category 4 Hurricane Michael from the eastern tip of Panama City Beach, FL as I went mobile to try and reach the eye, but was prevented from doing so safely ...


The Biggest Waves ever to hit the Florida Gulf coast hit during Hurricane Michael. These Clips are from Clearwater where we got a good taste of the swell!

Hurricane Michael rips roofs off buildings as it strikes Florida

by ABC News
The winds reached more than 150 mph as waves crashed ashore at St. Andrew's Bay. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 'WORLD NEWS TONIGHT': ...

Riding Out Hurricane Michael - During the Storm Footage - Panama City FL CCTV live and aftermath

by zz3astro
This is only a 480p upload due to limited connectivity. I will upload the 1080p version when I have more bandwidth available.

Hurricane Michael slams Florida, FEMA warns power ‘off for multiple weeks’

by PBS NewsHour
Hurricane Michael made landfall Wednesday, lashing the Gulf Coast with Category 4 winds and dangerous storm surge. The storm is plowing through Georgia, ...

INSIDE THE EYE WALL! Hurricane Michael / Panama City, FL

by Mike Killian
Inside the eye wall of Hurricane Michael as it made landfall in Panama City, Florida on October 10, 2018. Michael came ashore as a monster Category-5 storm, ...

Hurricane Michael - Wikipedia
Hurricane Michael was the first Category 5 hurricane to strike the contiguous United States since Andrew in 1992. In addition, it was the third-most intense ...

Hurricane Michael 2018 - National Weather Service
Hurricane Michael made landfall as an unprecedented Category 5 Hurricane in the Florida Panhandle region with maximum sustained wind speeds of 140 ...

Florida's timber industry literally rotting away after Hurricane Michael ...
1 day ago ... Eight months after Hurricane Michael, Panhandle communities still wait for federal relief—and time is running out.

Hurricane Michael upgraded to a Category 5 at time of U.S. landfall ...
Apr 19, 2019 ... Scientists at NOAA's National Hurricane Center conducted a detailed post-storm analysis on all the data available for Hurricane Michael and ...

Hurricane Michael - National Hurricane Center - NOAA

Hurricane Michael was a Category 5 storm at the time of US landfall ...
Apr 19, 2019 ... Hurricane Michael, which barreled into the Florida Panhandle in October, was actually a Category 5 storm when it hit the coast, scientists at the ...

Hurricane Michael News & Videos - ABC News - ABC News
Follow the latest Hurricane Michael news stories and headlines. Get breaking news alerts when you download the ABC News App and subscribe to Hurricane  ...

Hurricane Michael Upgraded to Category 5 at Landfall by Bob ...
Above: Hurricane Michael retained its crisp eye while making landfall as a Category 5 storm in the Florida Panhandle on October 10, 2018, as shown in this  ...

Hurricane Center reclassifies Michael to Category 5, the first such ...
Apr 19, 2019 ... Monster hurricane Michael, which decimated the Florida panhandle last October, is now rated at the top of the scale for classifying these ...