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What is the "brain" of a Computer?
The “brain” of a personal computer, in which all data flows with commands and instructions, is the central processing unit of the computer. Known as the CPU, this important component of the computer hardware facilitates instructions between the ‘brain’ part of the computer and the ‘mouth’ (the outpu

The 10 Best Gaming Computers
There are a few features you should focus on when shopping for a new gaming PC: speed, software and price. Keeping those aspects in mind, these are the top 10 gaming computers to geek out about this year.

Tips for Backing Up Your Computer
Technology is helpful until it fails. What do you do if your computer stops running? It's important to ensure that all your data _ photos, music, documents, videos and more _ is safe. It's easy to back up your computer to ensure that you have everything you need. Here's how.

The Best Computers for Your Small Business
Technology has a significant impact on small businesses, increasing performance and giving SMBs access to tools to which they might not otherwise have access. As every small business is different, however, you need to consider several options before finding the right fit. The following are some of t

Computing | T3
Mini-LED looks to be the future of high-end screens, and it looks like Apple is getting in early with this new tech No more looking like you're in that video from The Ring on video chats – a light makes all the difference By Matthew Bolton • 2020-12-01T15:41:15Z There are six iMac models, but which

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Laptops, netbooks, Ultrabooks, PCs and Macs, peripherals and software Laptops, netbooks, Ultrabooks, PCs and Macs, peripherals and software By Anthony Spadafora Seagate plans to bring a 24TB HAMR drive to market as well as use the technology in lower capacity 12TB and 16TB drives. By Heather Newman

What Was the First Computer? - Facty
There is much debate as to which was the first computer ever invented. A computer is a machine that is able to accept the input of data, process it, and output processed data. Given the broad definition, there are a multitude of machines that fit the description. There is much debate as to which was

10 Types of Computers | HowStuffWorks
Do you know the different types of computers? Take a look at our list of 10 types of computers and learn about laptops, wearable PCs, and smartphones. Advertisement It's impossible to imagine life without a computer nowadays. We do our work, entertain ourselves and find out what we need to know via

How are computers made? | HowStuffWorks
Interested to know how computers are made? We'll take a peek at the parts and processes that create computers and explore how computers are made. Advertisement Our contemporary world is digital; the numbers back up that statement. Smartphones sell at a clip of nearly 150 million per business quarter

And The Computer Is Free |
It's the new soft sell that is moving products at Advance Electronics in New York City these days. The retail computer store is selling a package of Micropro International Corp. business software for $1,595 -- with a Sanyo MBC-1100 microcomputer thrown in for free.So far, the sales pitch has been...