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GOP senator chose Trump over the truth | Chris Cuomo

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo dissects Sen. John Kennedy's (R-LA) doubling down on his claim that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election, despite backtracking on his ...

Why phone records are a problem for Nunes

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo breaks down phone records from the House Intelligence Committee's report showing Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) was communicating with ...

Chris Cuomo clashes with Rudy Giuliani over Ukraine

by CNN
President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani denied asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden moments before admitting that he had done just that. Giuliani's ...

Chris Cuomo responds to Trump's personal attack on him

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo responds to President Trump's Twitter attack on him in which he said Cuomo had a "now unsuccessful prime time slot, despite his massive ...

CNN backs Chris Cuomo after his rant over "Fredo" insult goes viral

by CBS News
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo unloaded a string of obscenities at a heckler who called him "Fredo," an insult Cuomo said was like the N-word for Italians. CNN said ...

Chris Cuomo's emotional goodbye to 'New Day'

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo was joined by special guests to help him sign off "New Day" ahead of his new primetime show that begins on June 4.

Trump plays the victim when caught playing the system | Chris Cuomo

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo examines how President Donald Trump plays the victim in order to defend himself against critics of his administration. #CNN #News.

Chris Cuomo on family: at home and on TV

by CNN
"New Day" host Chris Cuomo talks about his 2 families - one at home and one on TV - and waking up early each day. For more CNN videos, visit our site at ...

Chris Cuomo: A president should not be a punk

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo compares Trump's disavowal of his audience's 13-second "Send her back!" chant to his previous disavowal of David Duke of the Ku Klux ...

Chris Cuomo: What would you do if Trump said 'I am a racist'?

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo is surprised by Republican Senate hopeful Kris Kobach's answer to whether he would support President Trump if he admitted that he was a ...

Chris Cuomo: If GOP is desperate for truth, why hide witnesses?

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo questions why the White House is blocking the people directly involved in the impeachment inquiry from testifying while Republicans ...

Watch Chris Cuomo's full interview with Sarah Sanders

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo presses Sarah Sanders on her false statement that President Donald Trump did not dictate a misleading letter about a Trump Tower ...

Cuomo calls out Trump adviser for spreading 'poison'

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo discusses the recently leaked emails between White House adviser Stephen Miller and an editor at Breitbart. #CNN #News.

Chris Cuomo: Do you see pro-life in your politics?

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo argues that if you're pro-life, you should be willing to treat all lives equally.

A Look Back at Chris Cuomo's 'GMA' Journey

by ABC News
The "GMA" team reflects on Cuomo's work before he leaves for "20/20."

GOP 'ride or die' mentality shows fealty to Trump | Chris Cuomo

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo says he's never seen a party of a president be more partisan than the Republicans currently are under President Donald Trump. #Cuomo ...

CNN anchor remembers his father, former NY Gov. Cuomo

by CNN
CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo shares his fondest memories of his father, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, who died last week.

Chris Cuomo presses Rudy Giuliani on pardons comment

by CNN
President Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani wouldn't rule out Trump using a pardon after the Mueller investigation is completed.

Chris Cuomo | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

by Real Time with Bill Maher
Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: CNN and SiriusXM host Chris Cuomo joins Bill to discuss the challenges of being a journalist in the ...

CNN Anchor Lashes Out at Man Who Called Him ‘Fredo’

by Inside Edition
CNN's Chris Cuomo was caught on camera lashing out at a man who he said insulted him using an ethnic slur. “You called me f***ing 'Fredo.' It's like I call you ...

Chris Cuomo addresses Trump for full segment

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo has a message for President Donald Trump after a report from the New York Times found Trump's businesses lost more than $1 billion in a ...

Comparing Trump before and after Mueller probe | Chris Cuomo

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo compares President Donald Trump's actions before the conclusion of the Mueller report with those after, including his phone call with ...

Chris Cuomo responds to Trump tweet

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo responds to President Donald Trump after he criticized Cuomo's interview with Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

Donald Trump post-CNN Miami debate interview (with Chris Cuomo)

by CNN
GOP frontrunner Donald Trump talks to CNN's Chris Cuomo following the CNN Miami Republican debate.

Chris Cuomo and GOP lawmaker clash over Trump's spying claims

by CNN
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) speaks with CNN's Chris Cuomo about President Trump's claim that the FBI spied on his presidential campaign and the GOP's new ...

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Rages Over Being Called "Fredo" | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

by Comedy Central UK
CNN news anchor, Chris Cuomo has a heated discussion with a man for calling him "Fredo" and house hunters in Michigan find disturbing klan memorabilia.

Chris Cuomo fact-checks Trump's claim on immigration

by CNN
President Trump blames Democrats for immigration laws that force federal officials to break up families, but CNN's Chris Cuomo fact-checked his claim and ...

'Godfather' Star Gianni Russo Says Shame on Chris Cuomo's Fredo Meltdown | TMZ

by TMZ
Chris Cuomo losing his s*** over being called Fredo deserves a Don Corleone slap in the face -- so says a guy who acted in "The Godfather," and thinks CC ...

Cuomo: Echoes of Orwell in Trump's push to make falsehoods true

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo breaks down President Trump's efforts to push his Hurricane Dorian narrative, comparing it to George Orwell's '1984.' #CNN #News.

Has Trump kept his oath to America? | Chris Cuomo

by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo reflects on President Donald Trump's slogan "America First" and whether or not Republican lawmakers will continue to defend the ...

Chris Cuomo – Wikipedia
Christopher Charles „Chris“ Cuomo (* 9. August 1970 in Queens, New York) ist ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehjournalist. Er steht bei dem Nachrichtensender ...

Chris Cuomo - Wikipedia
Christopher Charles Cuomo is an American television journalist, best known as the presenter of Cuomo Prime Time, a weeknight news analysis show on CNN.

GOP senator chose Trump over the truth | Chris Cuomo - YouTube

3 days ago ... CNN's Chris Cuomo dissects Sen. John Kennedy's (R-LA) doubling down on his claim that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election, despite ...

Cuomo fact checks GOP lawmaker's impeachment claims in real ...

14 Nov 2019 ... CNN's Chris Cuomo debunks Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin's (R-OK) talking points regarding the impeachment investigation into ...

Donald Trump beleidigt CNN-Moderator Chris Cuomo als "Fredo ...
14. Aug. 2019 ... "Das ist eine Beleidigung. Das ist für uns wie das N-Wort", empörte sich Moderator Chris Cuomo, der italienische Wurzeln hat, als er als "Fredo" ...

CNN Profiles - Chris Cuomo - Anchor - CNN
Chris Cuomo anchors CNN's Cuomo Prime Time, a 9pm nightly news program where Cuomo tests power with newsmakers and politicians from both sides of the  ...

Cuomo Prime Time - CNN -
Chris Cuomo gets after it with newsmakers in Washington and around the world.

CNN's Chris Cuomo mocked after attempt to disprove Trump's ...
21 Nov 2019 ... CNN host Chris Cuomo was mocked Thursday after his attempt to disprove President Trump's theory about how phones work backfired on live ...

Chris Cuomo - AP News
Chris Cuomo apologizes for remark at LGBTQ town hall. October 11, 2019 ... CNN backs Chris Cuomo after caught-on-video confrontation. August 13, 2019.