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Ayahuasca Homepage of the Great Amazon Medicine, Yage, Banisteriopsis Caapi. Exploring the medicine from shamanic, scientific and artistic perspectives.

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Diese Website ist einem magischen Trank aus dem Amazonasurwald gewidmet, der als Ayahuasca bekannt ist. Hier findest Du Informationen über die Zutaten, die man benötigt um dieses Getränk zu brauen, wie es verwendet wird von den indigenen Völkern und was Dich erwartet wenn Du …

Introduction - Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca induces a psychedelic, visionary state of mind and this effect is employed by various people for various reasons. Shamans or medicine men take ayahuasca to communicate with nature or to see what is causing a patient’s illness on a spiritual level.

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Ayahuasca is de verzamelnaam voor een groep plantenbrouwsels die MAO-remmers bevattende planten combineren met planten die andere (meestal indole) alkaloïden bevatten.

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While ayahuasca ceremonies vary from one shaman to another and from one tribal tradition to the next, certain features remain constant. A true ayahuasca ceremony brings together the ayahuasca brew, the shaman(s), and the plant spirits.

Ayahuasca restobar

Ayahuasca es un restobar ubicado en la Mansión Berninzon; una casona barranquina de la época republicana, construida entre los años 1875 y 1895.

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2 “Ayahuasca” and the names of other plants are capitalized because Ayahuasca gave me the instruction in a vision to treat the names of the plants as names.

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One of the first Ayahuasca Retreats established in Sacred Valley, Peru. Authentic, Safe & Intimate Ayahuasca Retreats led by Traditional Shipibo Shamans.

Innerlijke-Reis: Ayahuasca ceremonie

Ayahuasca ceremonie. Innerlijke-reis biedt professionele begeleiding bij Ayahuasca ceremonies voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling, spirituele groei, emotionele en fysieke heling.

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Ayahuasca or ayaguasca (in Hispanicized spellings) from Quechua Ayawaska ( aya: soul, waska: vine), or yagé (/jɑːˈheɪ, jæ-/), is an entheogenic brew made  ...

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Ancient Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a traditional plant medicine with amazing healing benefits. Read our Essential Guide to learn everything you need to know!

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