area 51 raid

No aliens, 2 arrested at 'Storm Area 51' event

by CNN
Nearly 3000 people flooded into Nevada after a call on Facebook to storm Area 51; about 200 made it to the main gate. CNN's Christi Paul and Victor Blackwell ...

What Really Happened at The Area 51 Raid?

by Life OD
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Emergency order issued for Area 51 | ABC News

by ABC News
Nevada officials are bracing for an invasion at the top-secret site near Las Vegas where UFO are planning to meet for an "alienstock" festival. #ABCNews ...

Fox News checks in with 'Raid Area 51' participants in Nevada

by Fox News
What started as an internet joke ended up getting global attention as hundreds of alien hunters gathered in Nevada near the government facility known as Area ...

Why everyone wants to storm Area 51

by The Telegraph
The secret US military training facility codenamed Area 51 has been at the centre of numerous conspiracy theories involving aliens. But the mysterious testing ...

Alien enthusiasts arrive in Nevada despite canceled Area 51 event

by Fox Business
Fox News William La Jeunesse reports from Area 51 where alien enthusiasts are still storming the secretive governmental area. FOX Business Network (FBN) is ...

'Storm Area 51' raid brings crowds of ‘alien believers' to Nevada

by Fox News
Visitors from around the country are trekking to the Alien Research Center in Hiko, Nevada, where the 'Storm Area 51 Basecamp' will take place Friday and ...

WARNING: What to know about Area 51 before the raid | Just The FAQs

Popular conspiracy theories have inspired many to "storm Area 51.” But what is Area 51? And what makes it the alien hotspot of conspiracy theories? RELATED: ...

Earthlings party at Area 51

by Global News
People descended on the tiny desert town of Rachel, Nev., this weekend for Alienstock, a music festival that came out of a viral Facebook plan to “Storm Area 51 ...

WE ARE THE FIRST TO RAID AREA 51 (Kyle Runners Worked!!)

by Life OD
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Authorities ready for thousands expected to ‘storm Area 51’ l GMA

by ABC News
Hundreds of people, some from as far away as France, have landed in Rachel, Nevada, the closest town to the secretive military base Area 51. READ MORE: ...

UFO fans gather in Nevada despite 'Storm Area 51' warnings

by RTÉ News
UFO enthusiasts have descended on rural Nevada near the secret US military installation known as Area 51, long rumoured to house government secrets about ...

LIVE: People gather in the Nevada Desert for ‘Storm Area 51’

by Ruptly
Subscribe to our channel! Ruptly is live from the Nevada Desert on Friday, September 20, as a people are expected to gather on the outskirts of ...

Here’s what actually happened at the Area 51 'raid' | Hannah Explains

by Washington Post
At least 2000 people showed up in the desert of Nevada for a “raid” at Area 51. What did they find? Read more: Subscribe to The ...

Trump’s Racist Attack on the Squad & A Raid on Area 51 | The Daily Show

by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
President Trump sends out a clearly racist tweet about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley, and a Facebook group plans ...


by The Wonton Don
I traveled out to Nevada with to investigate the planned Area 51 raid. This mini-documentary is my attempt at making sense of the trip. #TheAmericanMeme ...

How Area 51 became the center of alien conspiracy theories

by Business Insider
Area 51 has been the focal point of alien conspiracy theories in America for decades. The remote military base in the Nevada desert has a lot of history, and has ...

The Raid on Area 51 | RT Shorts

by Rooster Teeth
In this riveting documentary, survivors of the raid on Area 51 give a first hand account on what really took place that day. » Get your Rooster Teeth merch: ...

Inside Storm Area 51: How a Viral Meme Almost Destroyed a Town

The Internet erupted in laughter and curiosity when Matty Roberts created his Storm Area 51 Facebook event. The event went on to become a viral meme.

Scary UFO Caught on Camera during Area 51 Raid Weekend

by Alex
The craziest thing just happened! I was in the family room about to strangle the goose before I realized there is this crazy UFO thing hovering outside my house!

SMG4: Mario Raids Area 51

by SMG4 // Glitch Productions
Our new animated series Meta Runner is here! Checkout episode 1 now!

Fox Business talks to 'Storm Area 51' attendees in Nevada desert

by Fox Business
Thousands of UFO fans have descended on Area 51 in Nevada to search for aliens which may or may not be behind closed doors, Fox News correspondent ...

Area 51 Raid in LEGO – Naruto Runners, Aliens & More!

by Beyond the Brick
Beyond the Brick's Joshua Hanlon talks with Brian Szmytke about his LEGO Area 51 invasion displayed at BrickFair Virginia 2019. LEGO Secret Alien Research ...

The Area 51 "Raid" is Bad for Humanity | Because Science Live!

by Because Science
Grab your new Because Science merch here: Subscribe for more Because Science: ...

Inside Storm Area 51: How a Viral Meme Almost Destroyed a Town

by VICE Asia
The Internet erupted in laughter and curiosity when Matty Roberts created his Storm Area 51 Facebook event. The event went on to become a viral meme.

Why Storming Area 51 Is a Bad Idea

by The Infographics Show
There is a petition going around the internet that has over a million participants claiming they are going to storm Area 51 on September 20, 2019. In today's video ...

US military warns people preparing to storm Area 51

by Fox News
Officials warn public of dangers at secretive Nevada base and signal that the Air Force stands ready; national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin report from ...


by PlataBush
Video For This Week Herobrine decided to attack area 51 because the aliens make fun of him. XD #minecraft #monsterschool #area51 Follow me on Instagram ...


by Coop772

Raiding AREA 51 in FORTNITE

by LazarBeam
lets get ourselves an alien in forntite boys ----SOCIAL MEDIA---- TWITTER - INSTAGRAM -

Storm Area 51 - Wikipedia
"Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us", commonly referred to as Raid Area 51 , Storm Area 51, or Area 51 Raid, was an American Facebook event that took ...

Area 51: „Wir haben es gestürmt!“ - Teilnehmer des Sturms auf US ...
22. Sept. 2019 ... Eine Facebook-Gruppe ruft zum Sturm der US-Militärbasis „Area 51“ auf. Ein paar UFO-Fans versuchen es tatsächlich.

Area 51 Raid: Stürmen heute 2,1 Millionen Menschen das ... - Welt
20. Sept. 2019 ... Es begann als spaßige Aktion: Student Matty Roberts rief auf Facebook dazu auf, am 20. September das militärische Sperrgebiet Area 51 zu ...

Das wurde aus "Storm Area 51" | Lifestyle | DASDING,area-51-amerika-memes-100.html
20. Sept. 2019 ... Am 20. September wollen laut Facebook-Veranstaltung über eine Millionen Menschen die mysteriöse "Area 51" in den USA stürmen. Und mit ...

Storm Area 51: Facebook-Event gerät außer Kontrolle |
8. Okt. 2019 ... "Storm Area 51" (deutsch: Sturm auf Area 51) ist ein Facebook-Event, das als Witz gestartet wurde, dann aber eine reale Eigendynamik ...

Area 51 Raid: Memes und Party statt Aliens |
21. Sept. 2019 ... Area 51 Raid: Memes und Party statt Aliens. 2 Millionen Menschen wollte die Geheimnisse der Air Force Basis in Nevada enthüllen.

Area 51 Raid – Fichtenblatt
28. Okt. 2019 ... Ein anonymer Beitrag eines*r Schülers*in der Fichte. Am 20.09.2019 versammelten sich knapp 100 Leute vor dem Militärgebiet Area 51 ...

Area 51: In Nevada sind zwei Youtuber festgenommen worden ›
16. Sept. 2019 ... Das hatten sie sich wohl ganz anders vorgestellt: Bei dem Versuch, das Militärgelände Area 51 im US-Bundesstaat Nevada zu betreten, sind ...

Storm Area 51 raid 2019: What really happened? - Vox
27 Sep 2019 ... A meme based on Storm Area 51 sent thousands into the desert for an event called Alien-Stock in search of "aliens." That didn't quite pan out ...