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Most people turn to movies and books to experience breathtaking, out of this world environments. And while your backyard or neighboring city may not look otherworldly, there are numerous places all around the world that look like they belong on the silver screen. From breathtaking forests with amazing soundscapes to never-ending burning pits that look like they lead directly to hell, there are places all around the world with breathtaking landscapes you never heard of.

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6. Red Beach, China
Unlike almost any other beach in the world, the Red Beach in China is one of a kind.

A unique seaweed covers almost every inch of the beach and is what gives the location its breathtaking views. When the seaweed begins to grow in April and May, it is a subtle green color. But during autumn, the seaweed drastically changes, and the beach turns into its well known vivid red landscape.

While the entire beach isn’t opened to the public due to a law to help protect the delicate ecosystem, there are small sections that are opened to the public and still make for an amazing sight to see.

5. Fly Geyser, Nevada
Much like the Door to Hell, the Fly Geyser is another humanmade disaster turned beauty.

After a mining accident occurred in 1964, this massive geyser has been releasing water 5 feet in the air non-stop. Since the water contains significant amounts of thermophilic bacteria, the geyser, and numerous ponds around the spewing water, has turned a brilliant mix of green, yellow, and brown.

Even though the Fly Geyser is an eight and a half hour drive from Las Vegas, it is more than worth it thanks to its unique beauty not seen anywhere else in the world.

4. Antelope Canyon
You have probably seen dozens of photos from Antelope Canyon in your doctor's office or school. Even though you may have seen the canyon in pictures, they don’t truly capture the beauty of the canyon.

Located in the Navajo Nation in Arizona, the Antelope Canyon has always been a significant source of tourism. The canyon actually consists of two canyons, the upper and lower, each with a unique environment that is extremely popular for photographers. The upper canyon is the most friendly to casual tourist with a narrow passage surrounded by 120 foot high walls. The lower canyon offers equally breathtaking views of spiral rock arches, but with a difficult path to view for visitors.

Since the canyon area is prone to flash floods and can be extremely dangerous, visitors can only view the canyon with guided tours. Even with the added step of having to book a tour, everyone should try and visit these breathtaking canyons for themselves.

3. Shibazakura Flowers, Japan
Nestled at the base of Mt. Fuji is a one of a kind flower field home to the shibazkura flower.

These pink, white, and purple flowers completely cover the ground, creating a thick carpet of beautiful flower petals. Once these flowers bloom, a festival is held where visitors can sit in footbaths and enjoy the spectacular view of the flowers and Mt. Fuji.

While the flowers bloom only during late April to Late May, seeing this beautiful landscape for yourself is well worth the work.

2. Lake Retba, Senegal
There have already been a few other lakes and rivers on this list, but Lake Retba in Senegal may hold the title for the most unique lake in the world.

This lake is home to one of the only bodies of water that is naturally pink. Thanks to a high salt content in the water, a microorganism is drawn to the lake that actually produces the pink hue during the dry season in the region.

Even though this lake is open to tourist during the year, there is a small time frame that the water is bright pink. Another issue to account for if you are trying to take a trip to the lake is that it is home to a vibrant community of Salt collectors that mine the lake for its natural resources. Even with these issues, Lake Retba is still one of the most unique bodies of water in the world.

1. Black Forest, Germany
There are forests all over the world that look beautiful and attract numerous tourists. However, the Black Forest in the suburbs of Western Germany may be one of the most amazing forests in the world.

Every year thousands of tourists from around the world rush to the Black Forest to experience its fairytale-like environment for themselves. Thankfully, the Black Forest is home to dozens of long and winding footpaths that total to 23,000 kilometers in length. A 90,000 member volunteer society maintains almost all of the footpaths that wind through the forest.

If you ever want to feel as if you are in a forest from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, look no further than the Black Forest in Germany.

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