Overwatch's Brigitte is already getting nerfed

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The latest Overwatch update unleashed the new hero Brigitte into the game's competitive mode. Just a few days later, Blizzard has already announced nerfs. This is probably a good thing, if the competitive Overwatch forums and subreddits are any indication. Most of the threads complain about how Brigitte has a stun and a knockback, both on short cooldowns. Her kit was largely designed to help her deal with quick flankers like Tracer and Genji, but it's also a nightmare for tanks like Reinhardt. Thankfully, Blizzard has taken notice. Just a few days into her availability in Overwatch's competitive mode, a handful of nerfs hit Brigitte on the Overwatch PTR. Brigitte's ultimate Rally now only provides a maximum armor of 100, down from 150. Additionally, the cooldown of Bash (her stun) is increasing from five to six seconds. Brigitte isn't the only support hero to be tweaked on this PTR. The sniper-healer Ana has also received a tweak: shots from her

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