Monster mansion sim MachiaVillain is out this month

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Last month we gave away some beta keys for monster mansion sim Machiavillain, which Joe described as The Sims meets Dungeon Keeper meets Rimworld when developer Wild Factor announced it last year. Today, Wild Factor revealed its release date: MachiaVillain is coming to Steam on Wednesday, May 16 for $20.The goal of MachiaVillain is pretty simple. As an up-and-coming member of the League of Machiavellian Villains, you build a big ol' mansion on a fabulous estate and lure tourists inside so you can kill them and harvest their organs. The kicker is that your workers are all monsters inspired by legends and horror classics—vampires, mummies, zombies, wendigos, the works.Your time is split between ordering your monsters around, making good use of your guests, fending off other monsters and the occasional monster hunter, and expanding your estate, all while keeping a low enough profile that the townsfolk don't call you out on your murdering. To that end, you've got a few r

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