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My dating advice is for good guys that want that sexy edge and for women who want to take control of their dating lives. It's modern, liberal, ethical and no...

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Text Him!

⏰ 3:52

All You Need to Do is Register! FREE Live Coaching Session with Match UK.

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Should You Ever Settle?

⏰ 4:59

SAVE THE DATE! FREE Livestream Coaching with Match UK on October 15th!

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4 Key Feedback Loops You Need to Look Out For!

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How to Become More Approachable (Women's Edition).

⏰ 4:42

Is Your Mindset Influencing Your Dating Success?

⏰ 8:08

The Big Problem with First Impressions: Don't get Misled on a Date! (Women's Edition)

⏰ 6:07

Guys! You Need to Raise Your Dating Standards.

⏰ 5:52

This Is Why Women Have to Reject Men (with Dating Coach James Marshall)

⏰ 19:39

Beware: "Situationships". The No. 1 Problem You Must Avoid With Dating.

⏰ 8:06

Time You Started Dating? Challenge your Excuses!

⏰ 5:21

Understanding Women: Inside Dating Coach Hayley Quinn's Workshop.

⏰ 3:04

Why You Need to Wait Before You Decide on a Guy

⏰ 4:47

Men's Fashion Transformation 2019

⏰ 20:04

Is Your Appearance the Reason You're Single?

⏰ 5:11

Why He Seems to Lose Interest: Watch this Explanation!

⏰ 8:59

5 Surprising Reasons Why You're Single (Men's Edition)

⏰ 10:41

5 Surprising Reasons Why You're Single (Women's edition)

⏰ 8:47

Hayley Quinn: Dating Coach & Client Testimonial

⏰ 5:27

5 Reasons Why You Need to Let Go of Your Crush - Move On From Him

⏰ 10:26

What Topics Should You Talk About On A Date? How To Talk To Women

⏰ 4:54

How To Impress Her In The Bedroom - Hayley Quinn Interviews Tantra Coach

⏰ 22:15

The Most Unattractive Quality You Can Reveal On The Date

⏰ 8:40

Signs She Likes You Back - Revealed By Her Friends!

⏰ 6:52

Can't Meet Any Good Guys? It Might Be Time For You To Change

⏰ 11:26

Dating After #MeToo - What Are The New Dating Rules?!

⏰ 17:14

Who Has Dating Harder - Men Or Women?

⏰ 9:27

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection - 3 Simple Tips To Use Today

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