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Channel videos

Violent clashes between Iraqi protesters & police in Baghdad

⏰ 1:49

Chilean protesters use LASERS against police helicopter

⏰ 0:37

Neo-Nazis, US-backed politician among forces behind Bolivia coup

⏰ 4:08

MFA spokesperson Maria Zakharova holds her weekly briefing

⏰ 1:28:13

Firefighter revives cat after saving it from fire in Central Russia

⏰ 0:40

Erdogan’s visit to White House failed to ease tensions between NATO allies

⏰ 3:07

Ultra-religious community growth existential threat to Israel – report

⏰ 2:59

Keiser Report: Cash and debt pile (E1462)

⏰ 25:48

Venice flood 2019: Highest tide in 50 years

⏰ 48:24

ABC, CBS ‘collude’ to axe alleged leaker of bombshell Epstein story

⏰ 3:28

College student opens fire at classmates in Russia’s Far East, shoots himself

⏰ 2:59

Protests continue in Hong Kong

⏰ 57:53

Russian FSB busts country's largest online drug store

⏰ 1:19

Bolivia: Protesters demand resignation of new self-proclaimed president Jeanine Anez

⏰ 1:00:08

Thousands of supporters of ex-Bolivian President Morales marched in La Paz

⏰ 0:52

The Russian Knights aerobatic team receives new Su-35S fighters

⏰ 1:46

Truck almost crushes fallen motorcyclist in Salta, Argentina

⏰ 0:45

Hong Kong | City on ‘brink of collapse’ after night of violence - police

⏰ 1:32

John Bercow – British Parliament’s worst speaker | George Galloway

⏰ 4:53

Guaido supporters protest in front of the Venezuelan embassy in Brasilia

⏰ 1:22:18

BBC criticised for showing OLD clip of Boris Johnson while reporting on Remembrance Day ceremony

⏰ 2:02

Co-founder of White Helmets’ Wiki page cleaned of controversy

⏰ 4:16

US and Turkey at odds over range of policy issues

⏰ 3:32

Former ISIS fighters in limbo on border as EU blocks repatriation

⏰ 2:04

Venice flood 2019: Highest tide in 50 years

⏰ 2:04:38

Federal inquiry opened as Google collects and shares health records

⏰ 2:48

BRICS 2019 summit kicks off in Brazil

⏰ 4:09

CrossTalk: Millennial Socialism

⏰ 24:48

Venice flooded by the second-highest tide recorded in the city's history

⏰ 2:22