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First LGBT Pride in Polish city met with massive counter-protest

⏰ 2:25

French police clash with Algerian football fans as they celebrate 2nd AFCON win

⏰ 2:43

Behold the 'flame-throwing drone', useful but dangerous technology!

⏰ 1:46

Will US initiative 'Operation Sentinel' calm Iran tensions?

⏰ 5:42

Girl’s head stuck by window guard of 7-storey building in China

⏰ 0:53

Launching of International Space Station Expedition 60-61 aboard the Soyuz MS-13 spacecraft

⏰ 14:01

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards capture UK-flagged tanker Stena Impero

⏰ 1:58

'Yellow Vests' and 'The truth for Adama' joint protest in support of police brutality victims

⏰ 2:51:37

Keiser Report: Orange Coin Good, Orange Man Bad (E1412)

⏰ 25:46

#ICYMI: Racism - a political tactic!

⏰ 2:35

Protesters at Gaza border burn Israeli flags

⏰ 2:23

Russian Navy’s ‘Admiral Makarov’ Frigate takes part in missile drills in Black Sea

⏰ 1:09

Are US Big Pharma behind the opioid epidemic?

⏰ 3:48

Tensions escalate as Iran denies US claims of shooting down Iranian drone

⏰ 7:44

Russia to regain former space glory with ambitious project & restoration of Soviet infrastructure

⏰ 0:59

Footage from COCKPIT of Boeing 737 shows plane plow into ocean

⏰ 0:44

NYT & WaPo celebrate Apollo 11 anniversary by bashing US male space history

⏰ 2:40

US House chaplain holds EXORCISM after ‘spirits of darkness’ engulf proceedings

⏰ 0:58

Indian state party boss sleeps on parliament floor in bizarre protest

⏰ 0:21

French society rages over ‘often we eat kebab instead of lobsters’ remark by govt spokesperson

⏰ 2:33

I almost killed myself on the Moon – Apollo 16 astronaut (SophieCo)

⏰ 26:11

Saudi Arabia wants to establish oil port in eastern Yemen – report

⏰ 4:29

US Democrats at war with viral Russian-developed FaceApp

⏰ 3:38

Spiderman of Philadelphia: Man scales down from high-rise building as it catches fire

⏰ 2:09

Student protest in Chile escalates, riot police deploys water cannon

⏰ 1:16

‘I disagreed with ‘SEND HER BACK,’ but it was quite a chant’ – Trump after North Carolina rally

⏰ 1:52

Debris everywhere: At least 6 injured as gas explosion destroys house in Christchurch

⏰ 1:22

CrossTalk: Antifa Terror

⏰ 24:38

Aftermath of deadliest fire in Japan for 18 years: 33 dead in Kyoto Animation arson attack

⏰ 1:12

NATO conducts multinational drills 'Platinum Lion 2019' in Bulgaria

⏰ 2:57