Thornwell H. Parker, III, M.D., P.A.

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Dr Hanz about Elevate Medical Spa

⏰ 2:01

Dr Hanz about Breast Augmentation

⏰ 0:49

Dr Hanz About Cosmetic Facial Procedures

⏰ 0:58

Dr Hanz talks about recovery and therapy for Hand Conditions

⏰ 1:17

Dr Hanz Hand Surgery

⏰ 1:18

Dr Hanz about common Hand Procedures - Surgical and Non-surgical

⏰ 0:55

Skin Cancer Consultants - Basics about skin cancer screening

⏰ 0:35

Elevate Medical Spa about our Staff

⏰ 1:54

Dr Parker talks about Scars from Skin Cancer and Mohs Surgery

⏰ 2:03

Dr Parker discusses Skin Grafts vs Skin Flaps following removal of Skin Cancer

⏰ 1:05

Dr Parker talks about Advantages of Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer

⏰ 0:57

Dr Parker Elevate Medical Spa Overview

⏰ 2:00

Dr Parker - Combining expertise in Mohs Surgery and Plastic Surgery for Skin Cancer Treatment

⏰ 1:10

Dr Parker talks about Skin Cancer Types and Treatments

⏰ 2:08