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Trump May Send Asylum Seekers To Guatemalan Jungle

⏰ 27:03

War On Terror: Millions Dead Without Any Positive Outcome?

⏰ 24:42

Kaepernick: Is The NFL Setting Him Up For Failure?

⏰ 25:52

Bolivia: US Backed Coup Ousts President, Evo Morales

⏰ 25:39

NSA Hypocrisy, Challenging The Espionage Act, & Russian Whales Released

⏰ 26:13

Acid Attacker Arrested & ‘Woke’ Culture Cancels Redemption

⏰ 25:57

Pentagon Says Veteran Suicide Deadlier Than Combat

⏰ 27:12

Jesse Ventura: ‘Fossil Fuel Is Yesterday’s Energy’

⏰ 23:58

‘Revenge Porn’ On Capitol Hill: Katie Hill Scandal Rocks Politics

⏰ 27:00

Good News: Canada To Help Homeless Veterans Secure Housing

⏰ 26:14

Iran Sanctions Harm Millions Of Peoples Health & Why Is NYC Sending Homeless Across The Country?

⏰ 25:48

Police REALLY Want Your DNA & Microsoft Wins Pentagon Contract

⏰ 27:07

Prisoners Denied Access To Sunlight & Cop Who Killed Eric Garner Wants Job Back

⏰ 25:50

Jesse Ventura: ‘Republicans Broke Law By Entering Secured Room’

⏰ 25:14

Heavy Metals, Toxins Found In Baby Food & Scary Gen Z Suicide Rates Skyrocketing

⏰ 25:50

INTERVIEW: Namira Salim, First Pakistani Astronaut, Discusses Future Space Travel

⏰ 10:15

Trudeau Secures Reelection Despite Blackface Controversies & First Pakistani Astronaut Namira Salim

⏰ 25:52

Lee Camp On Global Protests: 'Immense Inequality IS Violence'

⏰ 12:24

US Troops Leave Syria For Iraq & Lee Camp, Nick Brana Discuss Global Protests

⏰ 25:51

Rikers Island Closing To Make More Jails & #AllWomanSpacewalk

⏰ 25:10

Chicago Teachers STRIKE For Better Work Conditions & Trudeau Loses Trust After Blackface Scandals

⏰ 24:50

Turkey Holding US Tactical Nukes Over The World’s Head & Physicians Stand Against Border Detention

⏰ 26:47

Fort Worth Police Kill Black Woman In Her Own Home & Extinction Rebellion’s Hunger Strike

⏰ 25:44

Full Show: Iraq, US War Crimes, CIA Recruitment At HBCUs

⏰ 27:27

Ellen Friendly With War Criminal Who Began Never-Ending Afghanistan War

⏰ 27:06

Turkish Offensive Against Kurdish In Syria Begins & The Balloon Boy Hoax 10 Years Later

⏰ 27:06

INTERVIEW: ‘Education Justice Clinics’ Help Parents Combat School-To-Prison Pipeline

⏰ 10:39

China Cuts NBA Broadcasts Amid Hong Kong Controversy & GE Freezes Workers Pensions

⏰ 26:52

Turkey To Invade Northern Syria As Trump Pulls US Troops & Customs Harasses ‘Defense One’ Journalist

⏰ 27:00

INTERVIEW: What Are Trukey's Goals In Northern Syria?

⏰ 9:54