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The Xbox Series X Controller Still Uses AA Batteries, And I'm OK With That.

⏰ 5:24

Microsoft Says It's Still On Track To Release The Xbox Series X This Holiday

⏰ 4:26

GameStop Is STILL Putting Their Employee's AT RISK!

⏰ 5:32

Exposed Ep.11 : WingsOfRedemption

⏰ 1:18:51

Exposed Ep.9: SomeOrdinaryGamers

⏰ 1:19:07

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Manly Stream Marathon

⏰ 2:26:49

Nintendo Is FORCING SONY TO Take Super Mario Creations From 'Dreams'

⏰ 6:27

Exposed Ep.10: Tommy Tallarico Interview

⏰ 1:01:58

Sony Is Really Dropping The Ball With The PlayStation 5's Backwards Compatibility

⏰ 6:58

Doom Eternal Vs. $290 Gaming PC. Will It Run?

⏰ 13:33

Detailed PlayStation 5 Specs Have Been Revealed. Let's Compare Xbox Series X To The PS5

⏰ 15:09


⏰ 7:32

Come Chat With Me 3-13-2020

⏰ 37:45

Scam Artist Preacher Kenneth Copeland "Cures" People of Coronavirus Through The TV

⏰ 9:44

Come Chat With Me 3-11-2020 (Live President Trump Address)

⏰ 1:57:32

Come Chat With Me 3-11-2020

⏰ 0:15

Exposed Ep.8: Stuart Ashens Interview

⏰ 1:08:28

Reggie Fils-Aime's Body Has Been Hired By GameStop

⏰ 8:51

Some GREAT NEWS About The PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X Has Been Revealed!

⏰ 4:52

EVEN MORE Greedy Developers Take Their Games Off GeForce Now!

⏰ 8:06

Sofie Hagen: "Being Fat Is Healthy". NO IT'S NOT! #WorldObesityDay

⏰ 8:37

E3 2020 Is Imploding...

⏰ 4:28

The PS5 And Xbox Series X May Make PC Gaming Irrelevant (For Awhile)

⏰ 13:54

An Urgent Message For OnlyUseMeBlade

⏰ 9:39

Sony Is Taking A Page Out Of Microsoft's Handbook With The PlayStation 5

⏰ 7:05

Nvidia GeForce Now Is Showing Developers True, Greedy Colors

⏰ 7:40

GameStop Pulls Their Shadiest Move Yet To Save The Company (Legacy Delete)

⏰ 9:33

Ya, I can’t handle politics. Too Much Stress.

⏰ 3:03