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Basic concept & properties of multiplication of Matrices in Hindi

⏰ 9:16

Using DE MOIVRE'S theorem complex number solve the examples easily step by step PART 2

⏰ 5:11

Using DE MOIVRE'S theorem easily solve the examples PART 1

⏰ 6:49

Basic concept of properties of addition of matrices

⏰ 13:04

How to solve amplitude & modulus and also express in the polar form PART-4

⏰ 2:59

Simple method to find amplitude & modulus & express in the polar form complex number example PART-3

⏰ 2:57

Very easily solve amplitude & modulus of the complex number PART-2

⏰ 3:28

How to find amplitude & modulus of the complex number using simple method PART-1

⏰ 3:32

Separate real & imaginary complex number like in the form of a+ib & also find the conjugate PART-6

⏰ 5:54

Complex number simple & Good example express the following in the form of a+ib PART-5

⏰ 3:12

Simple and best example express the following in the form of x+iy in HINDI Part-4

⏰ 3:00

Solve the complex number in the form of a+ib and also find conjugate PART-3

⏰ 3:45

Easily solve (5+5i)/(3-4i) + 20/(4+3i) express the following in the form of x+iy PART-2

⏰ 3:06

Express the following in the form of x+iy complex number Part-1

⏰ 3:36

Amplitude of a complex number with examples in HINDI

⏰ 6:50

Geometrical representation & Polar form of a Complex number in Hindi

⏰ 2:08

How to get cot(x+y) trigonometry formula basic steps explained in HINDI

⏰ 3:14

Algebra of Complex number basic concept explained easy way

⏰ 5:26

How to easily get tan(x+y)=? basic trigonometry formula explained in simple way in HINDI

⏰ 3:35

Trigonometric ratios are in different quadrants explained in Hindi

⏰ 2:10

Basic concept of Matrix and different types of matrices explained very very simple method

⏰ 19:10

sin3x trigonometry formula हिंदी में simple तरीका

⏰ 2:47

cos3x trigonometry formula very simple & easy to remember explained in HINDI

⏰ 2:34

How to easily remember Trigonometric ratios of standard angles best tricks in HINDI

⏰ 4:53

How to solve Laplace transform of standard fourth formula in Hindi

⏰ 2:43

Laplace transform of standard third formula explained in easy way in Hindi

⏰ 2:36

Laplace transform of second standard formula simple and easy in Hindi

⏰ 2:51

Laplace transform of first standard formula in Hindi

⏰ 2:57

Simple explain Laplace transform basic and definition in Hindi

⏰ 5:31

कैलकुलेटर से स्पीड पर गणित problems को solve कैसे करे

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