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Laplace transform of second standard formula simple and easy in Hindi

⏰ 2:51

Laplace transform of first standard formula in Hindi

⏰ 2:57

Simple explain Laplace transform basic and definition in Hindi

⏰ 5:31

कैलकुलेटर से स्पीड पर गणित problems को solve कैसे करे

⏰ 2:32

How to solve Series Solution of Legendre's Differential Equation by using simple steps

⏰ 13:22

रंगोली बनाकर गणित शिखेंगे | multiplication using Rangoli in Hindi

⏰ 2:42

How to calculate multiplication example by using Rangoli

⏰ 2:10

Explain easy way general solution of Lagrange's PDE in the form Pp+Qq=R good example 5

⏰ 5:06

Using simple steps solution of Lagrange's PDE simple example 4

⏰ 4:28

Explained easy & simple way solution of Lagrange’s PDE best example-3

⏰ 3:40

Easily solve general solution of Lagrange’s linear partial differential equation example-2

⏰ 5:34

How to find general solution of Lagrange's PDE good example-1

⏰ 4:09

Explained simple and easy way Cauchy's linear equation good example

⏰ 4:52

Easily solve Cauchy's linear differential equation simple explanation

⏰ 9:30

Method of variation of parameter simple and best example explain easy way

⏰ 6:35

Method of variation of parameter explained very simple way

⏰ 7:27

Complimentary function and different Particular integral explained very simple

⏰ 5:42

Explain easy and simply complimentary function and particular integral example

⏰ 6:14

Complimentary function & Particular integral mixed type of example

⏰ 6:02

Simple method to solve complimentary function and particular integral

⏰ 5:31

Complimentary function explained easy way example-7

⏰ 2:46

Complimentary function easily find by easy maths example-6

⏰ 2:00

How to solve f(z) is analytic Cartesian form Complex variables

⏰ 4:50

Easily explain how to find analytic function f(z) given real part by easy maths easy tricks

⏰ 7:28

Complimentary function simple example and using simple steps example-5

⏰ 5:00

ω=logz ,z≠0 is analytic and find dω/dz= ? Complex number simple and easy method

⏰ 3:43

Simple method to find the Complimentary function example-4

⏰ 2:20

Vector calculus find the angle between the normal's to the surfaces

⏰ 4:58

Directional derivative easy method to solve the example PART-3

⏰ 3:56

Runge Kutta second order differential equation using simple steps and explain simple way PART-4

⏰ 12:57