Jamie Dana

Hey, I'm Jamie Dana! I'm a hairstylist and salon owner based out of Orange County, CA. I'm super passionate about helping hairstylists grow their business to...

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Channel videos

Why you should treat your clients during the Holidays 🎄 Easy DIY Hairstylist Client Gift Ideas

⏰ 10:19

How to know when you're ready to go booth rental or open a salon suite! | Hairstylist Business Tips

⏰ 20:03

How to do Highlights on a Short Pixie Haircut (easy technique!) with BONUS Rose Gold color formula!

⏰ 17:42

Why you need a Cancellation Policy as a Hairstylist or Salon with Dawn Bradley (easy verbiage!)

⏰ 18:15

Sharing my favorite Framar tools | Why you need Framar foils and color brushes as a hairstylist!

⏰ 5:41

Long Layered Haircut Technique | How to Cut Lived-in Layers on Long Hair (easy tutorial!)

⏰ 14:22

Money Piece Hair Technique | How to do a Face Frame on a Dimensional Balayage (NEW Hair Trend 2019)

⏰ 20:02

How to Cut a Short Bob Haircut | Popular Haircut Tutorial with Easy Cutting Techniques

⏰ 19:54

Full Highlight on Short Hair | Easy (and Best) Technique for Highlighting a Bob Haircut

⏰ 22:03

Red Hair Balayage - How to do a Foilayage while Covering Gray on a Redhead (easy tutorial!)

⏰ 23:40

Instagram Tips for Cosmetology Students, Assistants, and New Hairstylists | Beauty School Advice

⏰ 12:50

How to take better photos of your clients for Instagram | Hair Photography Tips for Hairstylists

⏰ 16:41

Why your Instagram follower count doesn't matter as a hairstylist or salon in 2019

⏰ 19:20

How often should I post on Instagram in 2019? | Algorithm Update for Hairstylists and Salons

⏰ 16:10

Top Instagram Hashtags for Hairstylists and Salons in 2019 🎉 Hairdresser Business Tips and Advice

⏰ 26:50

Lessons I learned growing from 0-100k+ followers on Instagram (it's not what you might think 😱)

⏰ 24:50

Instagram for Hairstylists | Easy Content Ideas to make Social Media less stressful (2019)

⏰ 13:19

Lived-in Layered Haircut Tutorial with Dry Cutting Techniques | Modern Shag Haircut 2019

⏰ 28:34

How to blend grown out highlights into balayage using three different hair color techniques!

⏰ 35:53

How to make big decisions in your business as a hairstylist (opening a salon, going rental, etc!)

⏰ 10:44

My experience at a cutting class (I was nervous!) + why you should invest in education as a stylist!

⏰ 19:04

How to figure out your prices and what a hairstylist should charge in a salon 💲 EASY formula!

⏰ 19:46

Reverse Balayage Technique | Platinum to Rooty Rose Gold Tutorial with Babylights and Root Shadow

⏰ 28:58

MY JOURNEY | I'm sharing my vulnerable, real journey as a hairstylist in the hair industry 😰 (2019)

⏰ 31:52

Babylight Tutorial with a Shadow Root on Blonde Hair (Easy Technique!)

⏰ 33:27

The TRUTH about sponsored posts, #ads and Instagram influencers in the hair industry in 2019!

⏰ 27:52

I DIY-ed my balayage + hair color and I DO NOT recommend it 🚫 Hairdresser Color Fail!

⏰ 19:31

Brown to Blonde in one appointment 😱 Platinum Card Hair Technique with a Shadow Root

⏰ 19:28

UPDATED Salon Tour 2019 - See the new design changes inside my small studio salon!

⏰ 3:50