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The Most Terrifying Serial Killer You've Never Heard Of

⏰ 7:18

How Your Phone Can Emit a Potentially Harmful Blue Light

⏰ 1:20

How Do You Keep Your Elephant Cool?

⏰ 1:15

Fight to Release ASAP Rocky From Swedish Prison

⏰ 1:13

'Cats' Trailer's Digital Fur Tech Gives People Nightmares

⏰ 1:31

Woman Gives Man in Suit Piggyback to Avoid Flooding

⏰ 1:14

20-Year-Old Says Plan to Storm Area 51 Was Just a Joke

⏰ 1:34

How to Stay Cool in Extreme Heat

⏰ 1:39

The Best Cold Foods to Eat in Scorching Heat

⏰ 1:49

Convicted Murderer Deemed Too Old to Kill Stabs Woman

⏰ 1:13

Arson Suspect Identified in Kyoto Anime Fire

⏰ 2:16

Tiger Hides in Family's Home to Escape Flood

⏰ 1:01

Kids Sell Lemonade to Find Cure for Dad's Mystery Illness

⏰ 1:27

Sisters Read Bedtime Stories to Kids on Facebook Live

⏰ 1:36

Freezing Your Sheets Is One Way to Beat Summer Heat Wave

⏰ 2:33

911 Called on Black Realtor Showing Home for Sale

⏰ 2:07

16-Year-Old Bit by Shark Gets ‘Jaws’ T-Shirt

⏰ 1:01

Katy Perry Is Accused of Plagiarizing ‘Dark Horse’

⏰ 1:14

6-Year-Old Hysterically Throws Tantrum at Baseball Game

⏰ 1:02

Why Teen Took His Senior Portraits in His Bathrobe

⏰ 1:48

'Dragon Ball' Fans Set World Record Performing Kamehameha

⏰ 1:05

Dad of K-Pop Singer Samuel Found Dead

⏰ 1:06

Who Stole Sammy? Refuge Pleads for Return of Bald Eagle

⏰ 1:23

What Caused Fire That Killed Dozens at Anime Studio?

⏰ 1:18

5,000 Rockets Launched at Once for World Record Attempt

⏰ 2:24

Rescuers Save Toddler on Runaway Duck Float

⏰ 1:41

13-Year-Old Shot 7 Times Says ‘It’s a Miracle’

⏰ 1:53

What Does Leonardo DiCaprio Think About End of ‘Titanic'?

⏰ 1:32

Meet the Miracle Baby Cut From Her Mother's Womb in 2017

⏰ 1:53

‘The Bachelor’ Creator Accused of Attacking Pregnant Wife

⏰ 1:43