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Full Interview: Preacher Kenneth Copeland Defends Lavish Lifestyle

⏰ 11:57

Can You Believe This Man Scaled the Eiffel Tower?

⏰ 1:30

Water Bottle Spotted in ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale

⏰ 2:16

College Grads Surprised When Billionaire Pays Tuition Debt

⏰ 1:45

Why 13-Year-Old’s Mom Addressed Bullying at School

⏰ 1:33

How 8-Year-Old Was Rescued From Alleged Kidnapper

⏰ 2:11

Who Took Photo of Alex Rodriguez in the Bathroom?

⏰ 1:30

Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Shows Her Treasures

⏰ 3:06

Can You Believe Prince Louis Is Walking?

⏰ 1:06

The World Beard and Moustache Championship Is a Thing

⏰ 1:09

Baby Giraffe Gets New Shoes to Mend Foot Condition

⏰ 1:38

Man Reportedly Finds 50,000 Bees in Apartment Building

⏰ 1:15

Craziest Prom Moments Caught on Camera: Compilation

⏰ 4:42

Teen Sheds 115 Pounds by Walking to School, Eating Healthy

⏰ 2:17

How 23-Year-Old Transforms Into Drag Queen

⏰ 7:07

Rare Disorder Turns People’s Bodies to Bone

⏰ 6:32

Deputy Mistakenly Tries to Arrest Man in His Own Yard

⏰ 1:33

Pregnant Teen Killed and Baby Cut Out of Womb

⏰ 2:55

Tony Robbins Denies Sexual Harassment Claims

⏰ 2:16

Do Crab Legs Lead to the Craziest Buffet Fights?

⏰ 2:21

Doris Day’s Grandson Claims He Was Kept From Seeing Her

⏰ 1:44

Farmer Performs C-Section to Save Baby Foxes

⏰ 1:36

Bill Cosby’s Wife and Kids Have Not Seen Him in Prison

⏰ 2:28

Nipsey Hussle Honored in DJ Khaled's New Music Video

⏰ 1:38

Nurses and Doctors Wear Tiaras for Princess-Loving Patient

⏰ 1:18

How Grumpy Cat Became a Famous Meme

⏰ 1:39

The True Story Behind 'Catch-22'

⏰ 6:23

Tati Westbrook Hopes James Charles Takes a 'Time Out'

⏰ 1:52

How Windex Can Make Your Shoes Look Brand New

⏰ 1:51

Is This Couple Risking Their Lives for the Perfect Photo?

⏰ 1:17