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PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode July 20, 2019

⏰ 26:48

This retired astronaut captured hundreds of images in space

⏰ 2:39

NASA looks to return astronauts to the moon

⏰ 10:25

NASA opens a new collection of moon rocks to researchers

⏰ 4:05

What The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach is doing in Nashville

⏰ 6:50

As Trump administration pushes for new space exploration, critics question its costs

⏰ 7:35

In U.S.-Iran conflict, Iranian foreign minister asks 'who's being provocative'

⏰ 12:16

PBS NewsHour full episode July 19, 2019

⏰ 54:01

With more extreme heat, air conditioning becomes a matter of life and death

⏰ 4:51

On the 2020 campaign trail, Biden and Sanders clash over health care plans

⏰ 3:04

Shields and Brooks on Trump’s attacks, Biden vs. Sanders on health care

⏰ 11:46

News Wrap: Trump defends rally supporters, doubles down on Omar attacks

⏰ 5:38

WATCH: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says 'nothing is inevitable' with U.S. and Iran

⏰ 24:51

WATCH: Trump skirts question about whether 'Send her back' chants were racist

⏰ 12:48

Trump meets with Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins 50 years after moon landing

⏰ 51:50

WATCH: Pompeo says he doesn't know why Iran 'didn't know or lied' about drone U.S. took down

⏰ 14:58

Mark Bittman’s recipe for McBitty’s Bean Burgers

⏰ 4:22

Trump asks Yazidi human rights advocate why she got her Nobel prize

⏰ 4:00

Filmmaker RaMell Ross on the black experience in documentary film

⏰ 2:56

How FaceApp highlights a gap in U.S. privacy protections

⏰ 6:26

The opioid industry fought hard to keep this database hidden. Here's what it shows

⏰ 6:47

Former Sen. Jeff Flake on why Republicans aren't disavowing Trump's 'awful' words

⏰ 10:16

PBS NewsHour full episode July 18, 2019

⏰ 54:15

Lonnie Bunch on how the Smithsonian can help America understand its identity

⏰ 9:34

Can craft cannabis compete with Big Marijuana?

⏰ 8:48

News Wrap: Trump says U.S. ship shot down encroaching Iranian drone

⏰ 7:50

WATCH: Trump says he tried to stop the 'Send her back!' chant. Here's what happened

⏰ 0:58

WATCH LIVE: Homeland Security head McAleenan questioned over treatment of migrants

⏰ 4:41:42

WATCH LIVE: Trump participates in D-Day flag ceremony with Dutch prime minister

⏰ 24:38