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MW2 Remaster Timed PS4 Exclusive | New PS5 Horror Game 4K60FPS Full Ray Tracing, FF7 Remake Update

⏰ 9:20

New In Depth PS5 Analysis Reveals More Performance Advantages Than Expected | Dev Praises SSD

⏰ 13:16

Sony's Plan To Win Next-Gen | PS5 Event, Game Demos, Exclusives & More | Press X Podcast Ep.9

⏰ 1:57:45

The PS5 Is Going To SHOCK EVERYONE | DO NOT Underestimate The PS5's Power and Capabilities

⏰ 13:42

Sony & Microsoft Provide Critical Update On PS5, Xbox Series X, & Exclusive Game Delays

⏰ 11:03

Xbox Series X Source Code Stolen By Hacker, Held For $100,000,000 Ransom

⏰ 4:55

New PS5 Operating System Info "Easy as Netflix", "Interactive Interfaces", and Insane Speed

⏰ 6:06

The Big Xbox Comeback?

⏰ 14:38

PS5 Using Cutting Edge Game Optimization Technology | Intel Engineer Praises PS5 Specs

⏰ 8:02

Sony Is Pushing For a Kojima Developed Silent Hill Exclusive Due to Poor Death Stranding Sales

⏰ 11:37

PS5 Specs Officially Revealed | Xbox Series X Vs PS5 | Sony's Next-Gen Plans | Press X Podcast Ep.8

⏰ 1:02:29

Sony's Approach To Next-Gen, It's Best not To Underestimate The PS5, Better To Try & Understand

⏰ 13:21

Sony Provides Critical PS5 Backwards Compatibility Update | PS4 Titles Boosted On PS5

⏰ 6:05

Developers Are Calling The PS5 "Revolutionary", "Superior In a Lot Of Ways" & " a Beast"

⏰ 12:46

Sony's PS5 Deep Dive, The Good & The Bad | 10.2 TF, Super Fast SSD, 16GB RAM, 8x Zen 2 3.5GHz

⏰ 26:19

Official PS5 Reveal, Mark Cerny's "Deep Dive" Into PlayStation 5 Specs | PS5 Power, Graphics, Etc

⏰ 1:59:01

PS5 "Most Exciting Hardware in 20 Years" | PlayStation Twitter Reveals Insane Hype Levels

⏰ 4:41

The Official PS5 Reveal Is Happening Tomorrow | Sony Breaks Their Silence

⏰ 5:17

Xbox Series X Full Specs Revealed | 13.3 Tflop PS5 Looking More Likely Than Ever Before

⏰ 12:38

Sony Is Trying To Buy Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill & Castlevania From Konami | Automatic PS5 Win?

⏰ 12:44

Are The PS5 & Xbox Series X Going To Be Delayed? Consumer Demand Is Stronger Than Ever For Next-Gen

⏰ 7:16

3 Major PS4 Exclusives In 3 Months, Will The Last Of Us 2 Part 2 Overshadow Ghost Of Tsuhsima?

⏰ 10:25

Rumor: Multiple PS5 Exclusive Silent Hill Games Are Being Developed by Sony, Kojima, and Konami

⏰ 10:58

Kotaku Calls Out Naughty Dog For Crunching On The Last Of Us Part 2

⏰ 24:00

E3 2020 Officially Cancelled, PS5 News Before April, Phil Spencer Announces Xbox Digital Event

⏰ 12:14

Sony Confirms They Remain 100% Committed To Exclusives Games For PS4/PS5 After HZD PC Announcement

⏰ 15:30

Dev Calls PS5 specs "Incredibly Exciting" Talks GPU Power, Texel Density & More | AMD PS5 Release

⏰ 11:37

Sony Shuts Down The Teraflop Talk With Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer | PS5 RDNA 2 | Press X Podcast Ep.7

⏰ 2:05:05

Big News For God Of War Sequel | Sony SM Plans to "Set The Bar" For PS5 visuals, Studio Head Departs

⏰ 11:46

AMD Officially Confirms RDNA2 For PS5, 9.2 Tflop Leak Possibly Debunked, Ray Tracing & More

⏰ 13:04