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Buy Buddha Statues Online and Invite Serenity in Your Home

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Home decoration is no more limited to wall hangings or flower vases on tables. Rather homeowners now utilize this opportunity to express their individuality and aesthetic sense by decorating home with rare artefacts. They don’t mind spending money as long as the décor items render that elegant and serene touch to the bland interior.

Talking of décor items, people nowadays look for expressive ones rather than adorning the place with inane objects. And what could be the best option than placing beautiful Buddha statues in different postures at strategic points in your drawing room, garden or meditation room. His presence in home in different mudras can help inculcate those values which we are losing nowadays like patience, understanding, love, care, compassion, etc.

Take a look at Buddha Statues available for sale online and one can find different poses with specific hand gestures called Mudras. Mostly these are representations of highly adored statues that are enshrined at temples round the world. Some statues are replicas of well known sculptures originally commissioned by royal patrons. Each statue has beautiful meanings and significance matching the original statues. Given below are few popular Buddha poses and postures commonly available if you have plans to buy Buddha statues online.

Protection Buddha (Abhaya Mudra)

Buddha is depicted in a sitting or standing position with the right hand raised and palm facing out. The left hand either extends outward or is rested on the lap with palm up. Those who buy Buddha statues online often look for this mudra as it implies courage and offers protection from fear, anger and delusion.

Meditation Buddha (Dhyana Mudra)

In this statue Buddha is sitting in a double or single lotus position. His hands are rested in the lap with face up, and legs crossed. Since the statue focuses on concentration, so his eyes are depicted either halfway or completely closed. The statue is more or less shaped like a triangle, which represents stability.

Earth Touching Buddha (Bhumisparsha Mudra)

The statue comes with legs crossed, left hand in the lap, while the right hand points to the ground. The palm faces inward toward the Buddha. This mudra depicts that moment of enlightenment which Buddha achieved to share with the world.

Teaching Buddha (Dharmachakra Mudra)

Here Buddha is sitting with both hands held at chest level, while the thumb and index fingers form a circle. The right hand’s palm is turned in, while the left hand’s palm is turned out. The statue depicts that moment when Buddha gave his first sermon after reaching enlightenment.

Reclining Buddha (Nirvana Mudra)

This is a unique pose which depicts Buddha in a lying position with the right hand side on top of a resting table. This status actually represents those final moments when Buddha dies one last time before attaining Nirvana.

With his calm expression and soulful eyes Buddha statue fills in any space with serenity, peace and happiness. If you want to experience that peaceful ambiance in your home then it’s time to explore various sites and buy Buddha statues online.

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