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Importance of Religious Icons

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The Hindu religion is one of the primary beliefs found in India and the surrounding countries. This religion reveres multiple deities that represent ideals and personal characteristics that a person wishes to achieve. It is taken very seriously and representations are commonly seen in homes as well as religious structures to ensure that individuals can worship wherever they are at the proper times. There is a hierarchy in their system with males and females forming deity pairs and each modeling certain items.

Saraswati is one of the feminine deities in the Hindu system and she represents learning, wisdom and the creative arts. She is linked with the male deity, Brahma, as his consort making them two of the higher level beings represented in their belief. She is usually displayed with four arms with the Vina, which is a stringed instrument, in her left hand while playing it with her right hand.

The four arms represent the multiple aspects of human personality while she is sitting or standing on top of a lotus flower and arrayed in jewelry. She can also be found holding a pitcher of holy water or rosary and in the other hand a book of knowledge ensuring that each hand is offering something of value to her followers.

Buy Saraswati statues online made of bronze, gold, pewter, silver, ivory and several other types of materials that range from affordable to very expensive. There are festivals in her honor and it is believed that if you have her statue displayed in your home or office that she will bring you the fruits of her gifts. There are also certain rituals that are performed by Hindu followers in front of the icon or representation stationed in the corner of the home or office and this can occur anytime of the year. Since she is a Goddess of the arts, music and dancing are regular occurrences during the festivals with praising and flowers strewn all around.

You can buy these from a variety of vendors that specialize in Indian art, religious icons or even as ornaments offered for display. When finding the best supplier it is important to ensure that they have a solid reputation for quality workmanship, affordable prices and that they deliver on time after processing your information through a secure checkout. The ability to buy her statue in a wide range of materials allows the user to select the option that fits best with their preference and with the other items they have in their collection.

Whether you follow the Hindu religion or just appreciate beautiful Indian art , you should always take great care when having this in public areas. The ability to offend true believers can happen easily if the proper respect is not paid or it is used in a frivolous manner. It never hurts to do your research when you are purchasing a piece of history that can have religious undertones so that you can speak intelligently on the matter but also to show others that you are well-versed in subjects outside your normal venue.

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