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The Paithani Sari- A Poem in Silk

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The Paithani sari is known all over the world for its uniqueness and beautiful designs. It is one of the most beautiful saris that are adorned by women all over the world, for its beautiful texture and classy look. Crafted beautifully with an exquisite zari border, this sari is truly a poem in silk. Most common among the Maharashtrian and Gujarati families, the appropriate sari is chosen by brides to be worn on their special day of the wedding.

The sari is characterized by its borders which are in a oblique square design and a pallu with a peacock design. The sari is available both in plain and spotted designs. The most popular ones however, are the ones with singled colored and kaleidoscope-colored designs. The kaleidoscope effect in the sari is achieved through using one color and weaving lengthwise and another for weaving width-wise.

The legacy of the Paithani sari dates back to ancient India. They get their names from the place they were originally made in. These rich saris were handmade in Paithan near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Indeed, there was a time in history when the silk used in the sari used to come from China, but today it is sourced from Bangalore.

The beautifully made Paithani saris , adorned by the royal women were treated as heirlooms. These could take anywhere from between a few months to several years to weave. The weaving technique used in these saris has survived for over 2000 years, and new techniques have been developed in contemporary times.

Traditionally, Paithanis used to have a plain body with a heavy golden border and a large pallu. However, with the passage of time, various motifs began to be used in these saris. Though the modern day weavers are trying to develop newer and innovative motifs, usually traditional motifs are still used widely in the Paithani saris. These include, the lotus flower, swan, coin, flowering vine, peacock and the likes. Some of the very famously found motifs in the pallu are the geometrical shapes of the Panja, Asawali and Muthada along with the peacock.

Available in a variety of colors, the colors are created either from natural coloring agents like the indigo or using synthetic colored yarns. The most commonly used colors are, the different shades of black, blue, yellow, red, green and even colors which are made with the combinations of the ones stated above.

The time that is taken by the craftsmen to man one of these saris and the tiresome work that goes into making it makes this sari one of the most delicately designed artistic creations ,of India. It is also a reason for its high market value and the revival in the recent times. Adorning this sari gives the wearer a classy look which speaks for itself in terms of its finesse.

Unlike, earlier times, now in the age of the internet one does not face difficulties in buying an authentic Paithani sari from the comfort of your home. Customers can get beautiful paithani saris at best prices , by browsing the net at the earliest.


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