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How Can You Tackle AOL Desktop Gold Problems

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AOL email service makes changes in their account settings for the sake of users’ benefits. To sync with present requirement AOL email service providers introduce AOL desktop gold version. This version is meant for providing some more additional features and benefits to the users. Before introducing any updated version of email service, service providers always make market research to find out the compatibility with all type of operating system. AOL experts did the same. This version runs well in windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. But as time passes, Windows 10 users start facing a different type of AOL desktop gold problems which prevent them from accessing their account and continue their work flawlessly.

AOL customer service team is well aware of AOL desktop gold problems so they provide proper solutions after finding out the problems.

Problems Faced by AOL Desktop Gold Users-

How to Solve Above Mentioned AOL Desktop Gold Problems?

As per AOL experts, users must delete corrupted files from the system. Users have to check the internet connection too. Sometimes due to slow internet speed, users face different issues. Apart from that, users must install a strong antivirus to prevent virus attack. With the help of this antivirus, users can scan the system thoroughly as a daily basis.

AOL experts warn the users to check the password while typing. Users must check the account settings too. If required, they can discuss with AOL experts. Some users failed to remember the password due to irregular activities in an account. In that case, they need to make a confidential note of it.

To solve this problem, AOL experts suggest that AOL Desktop Gold users must delete all unnecessary files, junk files etc. They must check out the hard drive storage too. To run AOL Desktop Gold, users should have at least 512mb space in their computer. If they have sufficient hard drive storage then only they can run this version correctly.

Before installation of AOL desktop Gold, users must uninstall the existing AOL desktop gold. To do that, users required to go to the control panel of the computer. After that, they need to choose the programs. Then users need to click on uninstall the program. If there is an incomplete or damaged file then they must clear it too. After that, users have to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold version. As per expert advice, users must keep an eye that, during reinstallation of AOL Desktop Gold, they must use official AOL website.

If AOL desktop gold users want to know anything else, then they are always welcomed to the AOL email customer service team. This team is alert for 24x7 hours. They take reasonable charges for the services.


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