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Aoe3 japan guide

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Jan 27, 2014 AOE3 Replays: 5. Submissions: None Joined: 23-April 08. Member No.: 65,512. Great guide, easy to read and understand, well presented. Aug 5, 2014 Personally, I think Japan is rather slow at this so it's not a really good tactic. However, this is not what i'm going to be talking about in this guide. Consulate upgrades are really good (Japan, port and dutch). Hatamoto samurai - Very strong anti cav unit. Daimyos and the Shogun who can Mar 29, 2014 There is no doubt that Japan is a cool civilization. Game can be over in 1 or 2 minutes because the Shogun/Daimyo can unload the whole army Jul 13, 2016 The japanese colonial guide. Civ overview. I thought there werent enough japan (laming) guides on HG, more people should lame japan imo Jan 11, 2017 Dec 30, 2015 H2O Japan guide, Reposting this, as it get lost during the migration. By H2O Japanese, An Starving is very very strong in age of empires 3. 2. The Japanese are a civilization with a powerful military but their economy is unique and may take some time getting Japan - toshogu shrine used to.

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