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Download Full Movie The OceanMaker In Hindi

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Download Full Movie The OceanMaker In Hindi

After the seas have disappeared, a courageous young female pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds. a hope story. almost perfect. for realism, for great soundtrack, for the story, for the remind of the fruit of sacrifice, for remind of force of idealism. and for something else - courage, duty, force of David against Goliath. short, one of films who, for long time, remains in memory as precious pledge for a world who could be changed by yourself. A clever, heroic post-apocalyptic tale with spectacular animation and soundtrack. The animation of the aircraft are first-class. The dry desert environment was both haunting and realistic. Lots of little touches gave the animation amazing realism, such as the cracked lenses in the binoculars, the weathered planes, and the detritus on the floor bed of the ocean. The orchestral soundtrack suited the piece perfectly and was of equal quality to that heard in any major movie. My only quibble was that the facial features of the characters looked too cartoonish and unrealistic when compared to the realism of the landscape. It detracted from the sombre story and made me feel less interested in the fate of the pilot. Overall though, a very creative mini-movie with soul that will stay with me far longer than many current CGI blockbusters. Loved the satisfying ending and would love to see a Part II!


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