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The -weight- symbols of our era

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Controlling your weight is a great asset in our modern days. When I say controlling of course I don't mean that there should be a standardization of acceptable analogies, although science has expressed its opinion on the subject correlating human size and weight with health models (life expectancy, vulnerability to specific diseases, wellbeing statistics etc).

Everyone is free to choose his/her shape and weight after having all the information about the consequences of this choice, and this is exactly what our "system" (school, media, healthcare) should do. There should be a mechanism providing the information needed to make the most responsibe/reasonable decisions and that -in my opinion- shouldn't be a random internet search.

On the other hand we cannot deny that there is a standardized type of acceptable or even idiolized analogies. It's a part of our "branding" plan like a bunch of other dexterities and talents.

People should look a certain way to follow the trend promoted by media (traditional and social) and this image in our years combines slimness with fitness. The twiggy like standard of the sixties/seventies is not exactly the target. People have been terrified by anorexia nervosa ("thankfully" I would comment) so being skinny isn't exactly the vision today.

People should have an average (average-low to be fair) weight these days but most importantly to look fit and untouched by time. So, eventhough someone could make use of an appetite suppressant for weight loss, an intensive/strict diet or even a self starvation programme this is just not enough anymore. 

The gym has transformed to a pre-requisite in order to follow today's trend, and that transition has occured in such a level that the typical training attitude, using just the equipment offered in a gym hall is worse than is just not enough.

Personal trainers and fitness coaches pop up like confetti and have been the modern gurus of shape. If you need to stand out, you may hire one of these guys.

I don't know if this certain shape obtained is the one that will lead us to longevity or if it is just a matter of aesthetics but I have the taste that the specific approach has a more holistic character than the older ones.

Given that people nowadays are stuck to a sedentary lifestyle I can even find some hope in this new trend and I would even recommend it to people who choose a different weight paradigm. 

In my eyes working out is more important than trying to eat less. Moreover I believe it is the safe path to such a pursuit. 

Don't do it for instagram, do it for yourselves and you won't regret it! 


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The -weight- symbols of our era

The -weight- symbols of our era

Submitted 53 day(s) ago by redmarker27

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