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Jewelry Factory Custom Jewelry Maker

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Arranged in Guangzhou, China for over 15 years, Alpha Jewelry has the experience you need to change your vision into workmanship. We are experts in different gathering methodology, blending old and new strategies to give you the best of both.

We are professional in producing jewelry

Since 2006, Alpha Jewelry has been an accepted pearls assistant over the globe. We esteem being reliable and versatile by clearing out high creation basics, offering direct assessing, and passing on your pieces rapidly.


Jewelry factory

We are set out to clear private correspondence to ensure that each piece outperforms your cravings. We similarly offer an assortment of moment plans for private imprints to allow you to develop your commitments.

Whether or not your endeavor is a sketch, one-off arrangement, or 1,000 pieces, Alpha Jewelry is equipped with the expertise to convey your arrangements to creation.


Jewelry maker

Our in-house setup bunch gives the ideal CAD plans, and we have some aptitude in pieces set with gems, pearls, and using simply the best important metals.

Your success is our success

Rather than our adversaries, we esteem being a full-organization enhancements accessory that is trustworthy and versatile for all in the jewels business by killing high creation basics, offering direct assessing, and passing on your amazing pieces to you inside around fourteen days.


Here at Alpha Jewelry, your arrangements are done inside 7 days resulting in attesting your thought and can be really in your grip and arranged for clients inside 3 to 7 extra days wherever on the planet. That, yet we are moreover committed to clear and open correspondence to ensure that each piece made by Alpha Jewelry outperforms your cravings.

While we are experts in jewels improvement and creation, we similarly offer an assortment of moment plans for private names to allow you to develop your commitments, consequently freeing your occasion to focus your energy on building your picture and business.


Let Alpha Jewelry credit its authority and gathering to help you with conveying your arrangements from thought too brilliantly finished pearls. Connect with us today! We are at your organization.

If you want to get more information, about Alpha Jewelry so please visit here:-

3D Design Service

Make dreams, make perfection

Our 3D arrangement gathering can pick unmistakable arrangement programming as demonstrated by the customer's market necessities to meet the close by wax sprayer printing plan requirements. Our arrangement emphasizes the control of nuances and gives consistency to the customer's full correspondence. It is the obligation of our arrangement gathering to convey standard plans that totally address customer issues.


Custom jewelry

Rhino Design

Rhino is a 3D modeler used to make, change, analyze, record, render, revive, and convert NURBS* twists, surfaces and solids, point fogs, and polygon organizations. There is no limitation to the unconventionality, degree, or size of the gear. Rhino is more sensible for European and American business areas. The STL plan it gives is the print association of the standard wax sprayer in the European and American business areas.



JewelCAD is a specific CAD/CAM programming for decorations design/creation. JewelCAD is significantly explicit, successful, and easy to learn. It is the supported CAD/CAM programming structure apparent by the industry.JewelCAD is more fitting for customers in Asia.


ZBrush is a serious etching instrument that unites 3D/2.5D illustrating, completing, and painting limits. It uses the elite "pixel" advancement, which can store the lighting, concealing, material, heading, and significance information of the centers that make up all things on the screen. ZBrush is more sensible for an unpredictable animal character plan.


Metals we can make

We can change and make decorations of different materials as shown by customer needs. Follow European and American toll rules.

Gold Jewelry

We can make 9K 10K 14K 18K 22K gold decorations.

Platinum Jewelry

PT950 metal is sensitive, suitable for styles that

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewels can be mass-conveyed.


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