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Trump's election contradicts the alarm sound among colored voters

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Trump's election contradicts the alarm sound among colored voters
Date, May 22, 2020, 8:55 PM GMT + 6 · 6 min reading

DETROIT (AP) - For a long time in the Detroit constituency in support of Frank McGhee he watched two Republican candidates vote against and confirm the election results in many parts of the Black city, he was outraged.

McGhee, 58, has spent more than two decades working with Detroit youths and educating them about elections. He claimed that his confession was obtained through torture and that his confession was obtained through torture.

"I thought, these are the last killers, if you want, to set them up so they can quietly take our belongings," he said.

President-elect Joe Biden was in the constituency ruled in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia by black voters, most of whom live in cities like Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta where he received a large share of their support. Since Election Day, President Donald Trump and his allies have sought to expose voter fraud that is not present in these frightening Black areas.


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