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5 Riding Skills That Differentiate Pro Riders From Novices

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Riding a motorcycle is not a pedantic pursuit. It is as much an art as it is a technical skill that you need to acquire over a period of time and by practicing a lot! There are however things that you can adopt and get better at riding a two-wheeler no matter the terrain, or the power of the motorcycle. Here are five important skills that differentiate expert riders from novices. Check them out and try to imbibe them in your riding style.  


  1. Pro riders don’t race 

As riders become mature and comfortable with their own shortcomings and expertises over the machine, they no longer have the urge to prove themselves to others. Unless you are a professional motorcycle racer there is nothing that the need for reading be on the speed limits on the roads are not only is this sign of your image charity and the need to prove yourself to superiors but it also becomes a hazard for other people on the road and you don't want to hurt anyone because of your insecurities. If you really need to compete with peers to prove yourself, take the machine on a bonafide racetrack and open the throttle as wide as you dare to. 

Pro riders never compromise on safety 

Professional riders with the experience of thousands of miles under their belts never compromise on safety because they have seen the worst and they want none of that to happen to them. If you take a look around at a motorcycle rally where you can see experienced motorcycle riders, they never arrive without a helmet and proper motorcycle riding ensemble  irrespective of the weather conditions. In fact,  besides the motorcycle the costliest investment they make is on riding safety gears such as motorcycle helmets, boots, gloves and jackets. 

Pro riders respect the rules 

It is only the novice and insecure riders that try to be a rebel on the road and put everybody else in danger. You would never see experienced riders disrespecting the rules by going beyond the speed limit, or doing anything that the law does not permit. This does not make them look docile or weak, rather it proves that they are completely confident of their skills and their status as a motorcyclist which cannot be affected by following the law.  

Pro riders master their machines 

An expert motorcyclist never allows the machine to control the man.  It is always the other way around where the man has complete control over the machine! This is a skill that you won't acquire unless you start riding the motorcycle every single day (or as frequently as you can) and put yourself through challenges which will improve your confidence as well as build up the necessary skills which you need to tackle challenges on the road. Don't limit yourself to just riding the known path. Push yourself ever so gently and come out of your comfort zone because unless you do that the machine will always have control over you! 

 Pro riders are situationally aware 

One of the biggest and most important skills that differentiate a professional rider from unovest motorcyclist is that they are always situationally aware of everything that is happening around them which makes them better at taking evasive action as well as protecting themselves from an impending accident. In addition to having a pair of good real view mirrors, you also need to build up your situational awareness skills and never get distracted by listening to music when you are on the road. There is no way to accommodate for the idiocy of other riders on the road but you can always be aware of things around you, anticipate what’s about to happen and put yourself out of harm's way. 


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