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Solar Panel Installation Tips You Should Know

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If you are considering a solar rooftop system for your home, you must probably be wondering where on your roof you should install the solar panels. When selecting the location to install solar panels, various things must be taken into account. So let’s address some details that you should pay attention to before choosing where to install your solar system:

The right location

The Sun follows a specific path throughout the year, and according to the location, there is a particular angle that benefits solar power production. If the roof where you have been thinking of installing the solar panels faces South, South-East, or South-West, then it’s a right spot for them. On the other hand, if the space available on the roof only faces North, then it is better to find another place for them.

Check whether you have the required space for solar system

The solar installer will design the solar PV system taking into account various factors; one of them will be the available space for the solar panels. Rooftop solar systems have generally complicated scenarios which include limitations in the availability of space. Suppose the area suitable for solar panels is limited or irregular (with interruptions along the way) in that case, the solar PV design can lead to reductions in performance known as mismatch losses (associated with placing solar panels in different faces of the roof and angles).

Of course, there are methods to balance scenarios. A site survey in such situations can help. Various leading rooftop solar companies such as MYSUN conduct site surveys and give unbiased suggestions to their customers about which is the most suitable spot for solar panel installation. And much more things!

Know Your Grid Connectivity

There are three types of solar systems; on-grid, off-grid and hybrid, and you need to choose one from among these. On-Grid systems allow you to avail the net metering facility and work in conjugation with the state grid supply. 

Off-Grid systems are not connected to the grid and have a battery bank attached to them. They are best for areas with no grid connectivity. Hybrid systems are a mix of both the technologies and allow you to leverage the benefits of both on-grid and off-grid solar systems. Therefore, knowing your grid connectivity becomes crucial to choose the ideal solar system for your rooftop. 

Make sure that shadings do not act as a hurdle in the process

One of the most essential factors to consider when installing a solar rooftop system is the presence of shades that will reduce the energy yields of the solar PV system. PV systems do not work efficiently with an object which constantly casts shades on the PV array; therefore ensure that your rooftop where you are planning to install the panels are shadow-free.

As you can see, choosing the right place for the installation of the solar panels is harder than it looks. The best way to find the optimum solution is to consult the right solar installer. Ask them all the questions you have so that you can make an informed decision. Also, there are various solar financing options available in the market, which can ease the burden. To know about solar financing options, click here!


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