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Demonstration Plans In Sales Management

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Since so many people are asking about the importance of demonstration plans in sales management, it's necessary to clear up some issues about what demonstration plans are. Basically, they are plans that you use to help your salespeople learn to think the right way to handle a situation that may require someone to act professionally or step back from the line to clarify something.

One of the biggest things that demonstrate plans can do is demonstrate to your salespeople that you're going to treat them well. It shows them that you value their time and effort and don't take them for granted.

When salespeople are being treated poorly by their superiors, they often just move on to the next job, thinking that the people above them don't care at all about them. They tend to feel even more frustrated and resentful when they have to put in extra hours that don't include them, or are working under a lot of pressure. No one likes to be mistreated, but when salespeople get mistreated by their bosses, they often decide that they can't work in that kind of environment any longer.

Another benefit of demonstrating plans is that they teach them to have empathy with their customers. The sales manager wants them to do all they can to impress their clients. But it's hard to reach the customers in the right way if you don't have the right kind of empathy.

There's nothing wrong with having empathy with people that don't share your values or are from another country. It's fine to feel the same way you do. If you feel sorry for people, it shows that you understand their plight.

So how do you get your sales person to develop empathy for his clients? Well, as I've said, there's nothing wrong with having empathy. You just need to make sure that they know you appreciate them for what they bring to your business and not to feel bad for not understanding the products or services they provide.

You can do this by having a discussion group, where you use a mock presentation that comes from real life. A group of people talk about it for an hour or two and then you ask them to react to each scenario. The group members talk about how they felt after making the decision.

Also, you might want to use some type of technology to help you run this demonstration by your sales manager. For example, you can have the company mail you the fake copy of a customer agreement that you need to give them before they sign the purchase order. Have them sign the agreement and then check the document for typos and misspellings.

When you catch mistakes like this, show the sales manager immediately. Let him know that you want them to understand your rules more clearly. If he tells you he understands, then work with him on training them to read it better.

What I find interesting is that many sales managers actually suggest this training. They say they're not comfortable doing it themselves, so they'd prefer to let you do it for them. For example, "If you can't do it, I'll train you."

That's a good thing to do because it's a great way to get feedback from your sales staff without having to work with them directly. You can get their feedback at just the same time you give it to them. When you've helped them make better decisions, that's when you can say that your sales manager demonstrated plans in sales management.

If you're not sure that he did, then you can always have him look it over. He needs to make sure that you followed the proper procedure for demonstrating plans in sales management. Then he'll know that he has a good team working for him.


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