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Specialized doctors with specific medical accoutrement available to save the life from Global

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Global Air Ambulance is available for you 24/7 with all the advanced facilities in various cities in India like Delhi, Guwahati, Kolkata, Ranchi, and Raipur, Bangalore etc. you can book us just by contacting us through call or mail. Global Air Ambulance is very economical compared to other rescue service provider. Global Air Ambulance main motive is to serve the best in the lowest cost with all advance facilities.




Global Air Ambulance from Kolkata is providing the emergency rescue of the patient for long-distance through Air Ambulance (commercial and private aircraft) and train Ambulance; for short-distance road, the ambulance is available with all the medical pieces of equipment and doctor. We are giving the service of bed-to-bed sifting of the patient in all our services.

Global Air Ambulance in Raipur is specialized in medical rescue with MD doctor, paramedics and advance medical pieces of equipment which are FAA approved stretcher system, Infusion system, section machine, transport incubator, spear ventilation, portable section units, IV pumps, oxygen supplies, regulator and gauges, ventilator, defibrillator etc to the patient.

Global Air Ambulance from Raipur is available for you 24/7 you just needed to call. Global Air Ambulance is saving lives at a low-cost with all specialized facilities of Train, Road and Air Ambulance. We are there to help you and save you.

Web @ Global provides services with modern armamentarium and specialized doctor  


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